CodeMaster – for product information management

CodeMaster is a software to manage, edit and publish item and product information. It offers solutions for common problems in product data management. With CodeMaster you can manage single items, as well as create mass operations. New business opportunities are found when you refine product data by combining the technical and commercial data.

MDM + PIM = CodeMaster

CodeMaster has an efficient and versatile tools to integrate company’s different information systems. CodeMaster’s role is to act as a centralized information system and to disseminate the information for and from different systems. This is called Master Data Management, MDM. With the help of CodeMaster, product information can be processed and enriched, marketing materials can be attached and – what is the most important – product information can be published easily to external systems, such as e-commerce platforms, applications etc. This is called Product Information Management, PIM.

PIM: Gather, Process and Publish Information

CodeMaster collects information from company’s existing information systems, such as Product Data Managment / Product Lifecycle Management System (PDM/PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). CodeMaster sorts and classifies product’s technical and commercial information in correct form for wanted platforms. This way only essential information is transferred, and information is always up-to-date in all systems.

In PIM system Product information is enriched e.g. with new language options, descriptions and receipt information – or with recommended products information. You can attach marketing material, such as brochures, instructions and videos, to the product.

All for one – and one for all

CodeMaster is a single system for centralized, easily managed and complete product information. You can finally end the age-old era of trying to manage information with product specific excel sheets. Free your product information for shared use – all employees can access the data according to their user privileges.

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