Guide: Using warehouse strategies

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Warehouse management tool for efficient workflows

It requires a strong managerial focus to ensure that all items are handled correctly throughout the warehouse. In particular, the continuous adjustment of the storage location of items and handling of the goods when product range, demand, or inventory structures change can seem an immense task.

A WMS system that can both manage rules and procedures for goods and support the ongoing adjustments can facilitate this task.

LOGIA’s warehouse strategies

LOGIA’s warehouse strategies provide warehouse managers with a simple tool to define a number of overall inventory strategies and to ensure that they are reflected in the day-to-day execution of the warehouse tasks.

The strategies include rules for placement, replenishment, and picking and answer questions such as:

  • Where to place newly arrived goods?
  • When should picking locations be replenished?
  • From where should picking locations be replenished?
  • What is the best picking location for each customer order?

In this guide, you will be introduced to some of the options offered by LOGIA’s warehouse strategies. You will gain insight into how strategies can be approached and what considerations should be taken when defining inventory strategies.

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