Online warehouse management – how do I get started?

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Digitalizing the warehouse

Many warehouses use traditional paper picking lists, which are printed from the ERP system. It is a time-consuming process, which is often characterized by administrative work, a lot of time spent searching for items in the warehouse, and picking errors. The traditional paper solutions can therefore advantageously be replaced with online warehouse management.

With LOGIA warehouse management everything is online. All warehouse employees are equipped with tablets, where they are simply and clearly presented with their work tasks and guided through the processes.

LOGIA automatically prioritizes and compiles orders in the most optimal order. This facilitates the work of the warehouse manager. The platform’s visual and intuitive user interface guides warehouse employees through the most optimal picking route in the warehouse and shows which items to pick, where they are located and the number. The simple instructions make it easy to understand and minimize the risk of errors.

It’s a time-saver, easy to use and error reducing.

How to get started with digitizing your warehouse


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