Roima and Perito – a match for all seasons


Supply Chains are at the heart of any business or operation. The smallest glitches in a Supply Chain will have ripple effects that will have wide influences. During the pandemic, there were many examples of the critical nature of Supply Chains as factories in Asia closed or the Suez Canal was blocked and the devastating effect these had, bringing shortages and subsequent delays in manufacturing and delivery of products as diverse as ship engines and ovens. This is just one of the many examples of where Integrated Business Planning (IBP) can help.

Supply chain resources are a bottleneck in the market today

McKinsey has stated that supply chain resources are a bottleneck in the market today. Integrated business planning means serving end-to-end in global enterprises, supply chain plans, and resolving their challenges. Many companies have a complex supply chain setup in terms of many locations, warehouses, and product hierarchies, meaning that many of them find challenges in creating true transparency of the supply chain and its financial implications.

Transparency of the whole supply chain and its component costs is important because, with its help, operations can be trimmed to an optimal service level. Traditional ERP systems have tried to build functionalities to cover the whole supply chain, but they haven’t been entirely successful in this.

An IBP system can integrate into the customers’ ERP systems and enrich not only the master data but also impact supply chain decision-making on a strategic, tactical, and operational level, improving supply chain performance in general.


Supply chain resilience

Supply chain resilience is now a critical business theme at the corporate decision-making or C-suite level. A system that can report on the entire value chain at various service levels and quantify this into financial terms becomes very attractive to corporate decision-makers. This is one of the reasons companies like Roima Intelligence and Perito Consulting believe that IBP will become the future of supply chains.


Rapid growth and expansion

So far Roima has been a fast-growing software and services company providing software solutions and expert services for industrial manufacturing and logistics operations in Northern Europe. Now Roima is accelerating its international growth and strengthening its Nordic presence as Perito Consulting joins the Roima group. Perito will strengthen Roima’s Danish operations, and together, Roima and Perito will become a leading international software provider in advanced supply chain and integrated business planning.


One of the key elements in Roima’s strategy has been what we call full Nordic presence for some time. So Perito was a very interesting partner for us as they have a presence especially in Denmark and a skill set that complements Roima’s. With Perito, we can better serve our customers in Denmark and the Nordics. We are adding more competence, expertise, and capabilities into our arsenal, including the Perito IBP, which will help our customers succeed”, says Roima’s CEO Markus Kalalahti.


Complementary offerings

Perito’s products and expertise complement the software and services developed and offered by Roima. Perito’s offering adds advanced strategic and tactical planning capabilities to Roima’s supply chain solutions, while Roima’s offering provides detailed scheduling and execution capabilities for production and logistics. That means more resiliency for the companies’ customers in managing their supply chain in a challenging environment.


“We are excited about the new opportunities from joining forces, where Roima brings the muscles and additional offerings to further boost the value creation for our customers. Our solutions complement each other well, both in terms of functionality and technology, giving both companies’ customers access to an even wider range of supply- and value-chain solutions”, rejoices Perito’s CEO Søren Holm Jensen.

“We are dedicated to being a part of Roima intelligence. This union will increase our scale and capability. We share the same values and goals with Roima and their vision of new opportunities not only within the Nordic but wider. Perito’s employees will have many more new opportunities within a bigger organization”, Søren continues.


Adding Perito to the Roima family is at the core of Roima’s strategy.


Our ambition is to become an internationally leading supplier of software for the management of supply chains. Today, we are well established in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, and growing in USA and Norway. With PERITO IBP, we can boost our customers’ productivity and supply chain resiliency with best-of-breed integrated business planning solutions. Our experts are leading professionals and there is a good match in our cultures and customer approach to growing together”, says Markus Kalalahti.


Complete stack of services

From Roima’s point of view, Perito adds the kind of strategic and tactical level planning that will help Roima become a more strategic partner for its customers. Perito is also one of the forerunners in sustainability and managing a global supply chain in a way that is good for the environment and for the community. Together Roima and Perito can provide the complete stack of services to their customers.

“I think this merger will address at least three core things. Number one is that now we can provide world-class strategic and tactical supply chain planning with PERITO IBP. Number two is that we get great new experts and colleagues. Thirdly, Roima can now be an even better strategic partner for its customers and their supply chain planning and execution needs”, Markus sums up.

From our perspective, this merger has been an answer to our customers’ and employees’ needs and as such something of a no-brainer for us”, Søren Holm Jensen says.


After this merger, Roima will be an even better company in all aspects”, Markus Kalalahti says with a hint of pride.

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