Find the way to profitability through a clear overall picture

The critical points of the supply chain or production process are sometimes hard to identify if you look at them too close. That’s where we come in; we understand the challenges and opportunities of the industrial operating environment and can help you see them too.

We help you analyze the current state of your business in high detail and identify the most important development targets. We propose you a business model, process and technology that best suit your unique products and business, and help you implement them without interrupting production.

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The operating environment of my business is changing constantly and ever more rapidly, and all business operations – intralogistics included – are facing requirements for efficiency. How can I ensure that the intralogistics processes and material flows correspond to the requirements now and in the future? To make sure that my warehouse management would not be the weakest link in the chain…

Our productized RoimaService ROIWalk Warehouse is the answer to your needs. In RoimaService ROIWalk Warehouse, we analyze your company’s operating environment, goals and development targets. After RoimaService ROIWalk, you will know exactly which areas to invest in to ensure that your intralogistics will be able to respond to future challenges. By enhancing your intralogistics, you can quickly boost the competitiveness of your business.


“RoimaService ROIWalk offered us a clear picture of the current state and development targets of our warehouse.”

-Anna Gustafsson, Director of Logistics, Airam Oy

Jani Säynäväjärvi, Lead consultant, logistics & warehouse operations

Jani Säynäväjärvi

Lead consultant, logistics and
warehouse operations
Tel. +358 50 320 1407



I’ve been wondering whether it’s time for us to automatize the operations of our production. Do the production planning, production, quality monitoring, and intralogistics operations of my plants have the ability or even a plan to take the journey to digitalization?

Our Roima solution for you is our productized RoimaService PreStudy that reveals the current state and maturity level of your production operations:

  • Processes and practices
  • Organization and management
  • Human competence
  • IT and architecture

On the basis of RoimaService PreStudy, you can set the target level for your business and assess the acquired benefits. You will get a concrete, phased development plan and business cases for the journey to digitalize your production operations.


”Roima produced a comprehensive MES Roadmap documentation using their extensive know-how of all MES related issues.”

- Timo Nuotio, Project Manager, Wärtsilä DCV


Sampo Reivilä

Lead Consultant, Manufacturing Digitalization
Tel. +358 20 525 3100



Why are my information systems not working optimally or as expected? Is there a way to stop to the continuous hassle and firefighting which require isolate “heroic actions” and swallow money? Could it be that the condition of data is to blame for the fact that my processes and systems are not meeting the expected results?

Item and product data form one of the most essential data sets of companies, used by various systems and processes. Due to digitalization and internationalization, the quality requirements for data are growing continuously.

To help you tackle these challenges, Roima has developed the Datalyysi™ service. In Datalyysi, we examine and analyze the item data of your company’s central information system and offer you a proposal for action. In addition to the experience and expertise of our Roima professionals, Datalyysi takes advantage of automation, data banks and comparative data we have collected from over 50 Datalyysi projects.


“As part of integrating two ERP systems, a total of 100,000 items were analyzed and harmonized to meet the needs of our business.“

-Seppo Pyykkö, Solution Architect, Fastems Oy

Ismo Kuuri

Developing Product Management together
Tel. +358 20 525 3100


As Production Manager, I’ve spend sleepless nights thinking how to harvest the benefits of digitalization and IoT for the use my company. How could I measure the actual quality of material flow, in real time?

With automatic 100% quality measurement, you’ll have access to all information in real time. This way, you can spot any quality deviations without delay, allowing immediate response and corrective actions. With a machine vision solution installed on your production line, you can measure all characteristics related to the critical visual or measurement data of the entire product flow.

The measurement data are linked to the tracing data of an individual product or production lot, or to location- or time-based tracing data.


“This system does exactly what we need. It made producing these kinds of floors possible on an industrial scale.”

-Hannes Tarn, Partner and Development Director, Bolefloor

Pauli Komi

Industry expert
Tel. +358 20 525 3100