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Life Sciences companies support the wellbeing of all of us. This task is not an easy one; the business has its unique set of complex challenges. Every product has to be of high quality and strictly adhere to its blueprint, and all of the components and raw materials used have to be traceable back to their origins. During distribution, every step of the way has to be traceable, as no interference with product integrity can occur. If the product does not work as intended, lives may be at stake.

These requirements for the Life Sciences product supply chain affect all functions it encompasses, including the information systems that are used to run it. Systems from manufacturing execution systems to logistics chain networks need to be compliant with the global requirements, and this compliance needs to be validated every time even slight changes are made to their functionality. The systems need to be maintained and developed with vigilance and expertise, keeping the special requirements for Life Sciences companies tightly in mind at every step.


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With Roima’s solutions for the Life Sciences industry, you can increase the efficiency, quality and reliability of your operations while ensuring regulatory compliance.



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