Industry Transformation Demands New Kinds of Partners

Postal and Parcel industry is in the middle of the greatest transformation in the history. Decreasing mail volumes and increasing eCommerce parcel volumes create a unique set of circumstances. Megatrends are changing the business landscape and  creating new demands, such as the use of AI-based optimization in sorting and transportation and machine learning – not forgetting the explosive growth of IoT.

A perfect digitalization partner has an extensive industry competence combined with the latest cutting edge technologies. That makes Roima an ideal partner for Postal and Parcel companies.


Raise Your Postal and Parcel Business to a New Level with Roima's Solutions

Roima has extensive experience as a solution provider for the Postal and Parcel sector. We have delivered many important and successful projects related to warehouse management, control logics of sorting machines, as well as the last-mile control and optimization of shipments and parcel logistics. Decades of experience combined with the latest technologies and agile development make Roima a value-adding partner for any company with postal or parcel business activities.


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