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Spare Parts Logistics

For spare parts supply chains, Roima’s cloud-based logistics solution offers comprehensive system services for procurements across the entire value chain and for the intelligent management of the pickup/distribution/transport network and spare parts inventories.

Automating the entire process of spare parts logistics pays off. Customers can easily order spare parts via the portal, from where the order is routed either to your own spare parts warehouse or to your logistics partner. The customer can track the progress and arrival of the delivery through the cloud, and the system creates an invoice automatically to the customer using the selected method. The system constantly monitors inventory levels and the availability of spare parts, and creates procurement proposals automatically upon need.

incoming and outgoing goods

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

RoimaCloud digitalizes the management of orders, statuses and deliveries in transport networks of the manufacturing industry in an integrated manner into companies’ ERP systems or by using the TMS functionalities provided by the cloud.

For networked transport companies of all sizes, RoimaCloud offers functionalities for the management of order, invoicing, transportation and warehousing transactions and integrations.

For instance, if you need to use transport services to deliver your products, you can implement the cloud’s functionality for forwarding transport orders to desired carriers. The cloud also allows your customers to follow the progress of deliveries through the portal.

Networked Procurement

The cloud provides solutions for the procurement of goods and services and management of deliveries in both private and public sector. With the help of the cloud’s functionalities, all procurement orders, deliveries and invoicing of a geographically dispersed network of partners and small suppliers can be integrated within a controlled digital process.

With the help of the service, the company’s employees can place authorized orders with contracted suppliers. The supplier uploads its entire catalog into the service, and the orders placed by the users are forwarded directly to the supplier. The receipt of goods is recorded in the service, and purchase invoice is approved automatically and transmitted to your company’s financial management system.

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