Picking and shipping functions


Control of picking functions

The efficient control and optimization of the picking process is one of the core functionalities of Roima’s WMS solution. Picking tasks are generally performed either against a customer need, production need, or assembly need. RoimaSoftware FidaWare creates optimal pick lists and plans an optimal picking order based on set rules, thus improving picking efficiency.

Warehouse picking is performed either according to First In First Out (FIFO), First Expired First Out (FEFO), or some other selected principle. RoimaSoftware FidaWare allows picking with handheld terminal devices, voice picking, and pick to light technologies, as well as traditional picking based on printed paper lists. The picking method can be selected separately for each picking area according to the needs of your warehouse processes. In addition, you can flexibly perform the picking using either group picking, product picking, order picking, or combined picking according to need.

Enhance user experience!

RoimaSoftware FidaWare guides the user and picking according to the instructions and, for example, product images added to the system. Moreover, the system ensures the selection of correct picking locations with the help of verification codes. When the system guides users through the steps, the users have more time to focus on the picking itself, reducing the likelihood of mistakes. Thanks to the guidance provided by the system, it is also much easier and quicker to train new employees to perform picking and other tasks in the warehouse. Moreover, as a result, tasks are no longer dependent on any one person, as the information required to perform each task is provided by the system and no-one needs to memorize it by heart.

Well-planned and efficient picking


Control of shipping functions

After the picking is completed, RoimaSoftware FidaWare can guide the user through the next phase, namely the combining and packaging of picked items. For example, items picked from different picking areas can be combined into a single unit and packaging procedures carried out under the system’s guidance. Upon need, the user can even be given customer- or order-specific instructions.

Before goods are transferred to shipping, the system guides the user through the marking of transport units and printing of shipping documents, such as pallet labels, dispatch notes and freight bills. RoimaSoftware FidaWare controls the shipping operations and shipping area, and also helps you improve loading accuracy; through barcode scanning, you can ensure that each pallet is loaded to the right transport vehicle, at the right time. After shipping, you can also create the necessary EDI messages for carriers; among others, RoimaSoftware FidaWare supports Unifaun and Consignor integrations.

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