Receiving functions



Receiving is the most critical function in the warehouse, as a mistake made in receiving can easily have far-reaching effects, causing extra work and unnecessary movement in the following phases and having a detrimental effect on the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

With RoimaSoftware FidaWare’s graphical layout tool, you can efficiently manage your receiving area with addresses by creating a visual model of the physical facilities. With the tool, you can easily maintain and manage all warehouses, warehouse areas and warehouse locations. In addition to receiving, the graphical tool is also very efficient in put-away, as you can visually indicate indicate the location of pallets to be fetched, for example. Using the graphical user interface, you can also perform different searches and warehouse management functions effortlessly and reliably.

With RoimaSoftware FidaWare, you can flexibly receive goods from multiple sources: both from own production, other warehouses, external suppliers, and subcontractors. Goods can be received against purchase orders, and the solution also supports the use of advance shipping notes (ASNs). Upon need, you can also register receipt manually based on arrival documents.

RoimaSoftware FidaWare guides the users through the inspection of incoming goods and quality control, as well as the required further steps. Received goods can be marked with bar codes or RFID tags, ensuring product traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Upon need, goods can also be restacked on pallets or de-palletized for individual handling under the system’s guidance.



With RoimaSoftware FidaWare, you can perform put-away tasks right after receiving without any unnecessary intermediate storage. By defining rules in the system, you can control product placement in warehouse units or areas according to various properties, such as weight, height, volume, or best before date. The warehouse location can also be selected based on demand (ABC classification) or picking data (XYZ classification).

Additional benefits

RoimaSoftware FidaWare supports Cross Docking, which means moving received packages directly from receiving to shipping without any intermediate staging.

In receiving, RoimaSoftware FidaWare can be used with a tablet, a hand-held terminal, or other applicable device, thus flexibly serving different use cases.

With RoimaSoftware FidaWare’s efficient receiving, planning and put-away functionalities, you can avoid unnecessary handling and internal transfers, reducing mistakes, increasing operational efficiency, and bringing clear savings to your company.

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