Logistics Service Providers

RoimaCloud offers a wide selection of functions for logistics service providers that want to succeed. The desired functions can be deployed quickly and scalably as a customer-specific solution according to the unique operational needs of your company.
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Warehouse and Materials Management

Roima’s cloud solutions serve the needs of companies in both service warehouse business and traditional warehousing, providing comprehensive functions for receiving, shelving, picking, packaging, value-added services, cross-docking and shipping.

The management of warehouse operations and invoicing for several principal companies can be managed within a single system; Roima’s solution provides extensive warehouse management (WMS) functionalities, which can also be combined with order-to-cash system (Supply Chain Management, SCM) functionalities upon need.

Efficient warehouse management functionalities and integrations into modern picking systems enable substantial savings in personnel and facility costs. With the monitoring and analytics functions, you can easily authorize secure access to warehouse transactions upon need, for example, allowing a customer to view transactions related to their own products only.

The warehouse functions have extensive and flexible integration capabilities to the company’s own and customer systems. RoimaCloud’s warehouse functionalities are readily integrated into transport functions and networked procurement.

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Transport Management

Do you need a solution for delivering domestic or international freight or for managing shipment and pickup transactions? Roima’s cloud solution provides full transport management system (TMS) functionalities for the efficient management of orders, deliveries and invoicing.

RoimaCloud provides all the transport network solutions needed by principal companies and transport companies in an integrated manner, either as a customized solution deployed from the cloud, through an integration between your company’s own systems and the cloud, or by using the cloud’s functions through a portal application.

With the monitoring and analytics functions, all transactions between the transport network parties can be tracked and reported across the entire network as agreed by the parties.

Upon need, the transport functions can be integrated with the customs, an accounting company, and work time control. Moreover, the solution also offers integrated track & trace functionalities for monitoring the progress of deliveries.

RoimaCloud also provides the possibility to integrate your company’s own functions with the cloud’s shipping functionalities; for example, the completion of a delivery to a customer can activate some other transaction in your own systems according to your workflow.

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