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The business world never sleeps. Companies and customers want ever more user-friendly products and services that are not only manufactured but also delivered ever more rapidly. The tough competition ensures that the fastest and most reliable suppliers secure orders also in the future.

Roima’s logistics ecosystem is an optimal solution for today’s logistics supply chain. Unique, time-saving technology improves supply chain efficiency, boosts growth through automation and digitalization, and enables proactive decision-making. Our logistics platform ensures quick and flexible connections that cover the entire global logistics operator network. We utilize multi-channel solutions that help you raise your order, delivery and cost management to a whole new level.

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Online Shops, Retail Stores and Suppliers each have their own requirements for first-class logistics. The best solutions are created by looking at the needs of the company and its supply chain.
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Industry and Services

The logistic needs of industry are related to procurement, transportation and warehousing. Spare Parts Logistics, Inbound and Outbound Logistics, and Networked Procurement are all examples of isolate functions that require the right solutions if you want to succeed.
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Logistics Service Providers

Transport companies, warehousing service providers, and 3PL service providers, as well as postal operations, all rely on smooth logistics. Intelligent application of digitalization is a must if you want to keep up with the competition.

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