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Comprehensive logistics solution platform as a service

From Roima, you can get a comprehensive logistics solution platform as a service. The platform provides the possibility to build comprehensive overall logistics solutions, avoiding silos and freeing you from vendor lock-in. The platform makes the building of solutions easy and fast, driving innovation. The solutions can be built outside the “monolithic” ERP systems, which removes technological barriers and makes almost anything possible. We offer our Roima logistics solution platform as a cloud-based service.


Roima solution platform for logistics

Roima’s logistics platform offers continuously growing logistics capabilities and intelligence covering, among others, the following features:

  • The best ready reference solutions available
  • Microservice architecture
  • Canonical data models for different logistics processes
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Reusable solution components for logistics
  • Ready solutions, such as RoimaCloud Transport and RoimaCloud Procurement
  • Networks, such as transport company and supplier networks
  • Third-party solutions, such as transportation management system (TMS) and planning solutions
  • Integrations to the customer’s own systems
  • Integrations to other cloud-based services and third-party services
  • Scalability to public cloud
  • Possibility for customized solutions according to need

Thanks to Roima’s logistics solution platform, processes can be run efficiently in separate systems and process parts combined upon need. At the same time, the solution enables the collection of logistics data (Big Data), which can be utilized in different systems, such as RoimaCloud Control Tower, as well as in analytics, reporting, and to create completely new data content related to logistics operations. With the help of the logistics platform, it is possible to create work flows that combine the capabilities of different entities to form a single, truly digital supply chain.

Roima solution platform for logistics

Roima’s solution platform supports, among others, the following use scenarios:

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    Multi-channel material flow management

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    Comprehensive supply chain monitoring in real time

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    Comprehensive generation of data for management reporting purposes

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    Management of the entire transport chain from land to sea and air

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    Supplier network management

Roima’s logistics solution platform answers to the needs of supply chains in all sectors. Below you can find more information on the possibilities that the platform provides for companies in retail, industry and services, and logistics.

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Online shops, retail stores and suppliers each have their own requirements for first-class logistics. The best solutions are created by looking at the needs of the company and its supply chain.

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Industry and Services

The logistic needs of the industry are related to procurement, transportation and warehousing. Spare parts logistics, inbound and outbound logistics, and networked procurement are all examples of isolate functions that require the right solutions to ensure success.

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Logistics Service Providers

Transport companies, warehousing service providers, 3PL service providers, and postal operations all rely on smooth logistics. Intelligent application of digitalization is a must if you want to keep up with the competition.


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