Harness the power of your network through a shared system

Networked companies need flexible solutions for the efficient and timely control and scaling of their business across the entire production and supply network. When everything from product engineering and manufacturing to sales, warehousing, timely delivery, and quality assurance works together seamlessly, both the supplier and the end customer will benefit.
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End-to-end supply chain control and seamless information flow

Modern-day manufacturing processes require effective management and seamless information flow across all members of the supply chain. An up-to-date and shared view of the operational situation between suppliers and subcontractors alike is essential. It forms a solid base for increasing manufacturing capacity, lowering response times, improving collaboration, and boosting quality. Product-related information is revised constantly throughout engineering and manufacturing stages. Manufacturing information  is collected across the industrial network for quality and traceability.  Effective information sharing and comprehensive change management across the whole supply chain ensures that all industrial network members are working towards a common goal, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved profitability.
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Sharing product information across the distribution and sales channel

Distribution and sales channels require a wealth of multi-lingual information about the products on sale. Product specifications, feature descriptions, product structures, prices, images and inventory levels are constantly changing, and updating them manually is prone to incorrect information and difficult situations. Furthermore, many retailers, especially online stores, demand automatic product information updates. Seamless product information flow from engineering through manufacturing and logistics to distribution and sales channels is an essential part of the operational processes of well-organized companies.

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