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3PL warehousing, Postal and Parcel sector and omni-channel retail are all on the verge of major transformations. Logistics supply chains and warehouse management are about to enter the next automation phase. In Postal & Parcel industry, mail volumes are declining while ecommerce is rapidly increasing parcel volumes. In retail, the growing trend towards omni-channel trade and drop shipping creates new challenges, and in 3PL, you need to enable modern picking and warehouse automation technologies, such as AGVs.

A perfect digitalization partner combines extensive industry competence with the latest cutting-edge technologies. With Roima’s solutions for Logistics and Retail, you can automate processes and gain real-time visibility to your supply chain by adopting IoT and artificial intelligence in 3PL&4PL, postal & parcel, and retail alike through Roima’s Logistics Platforms; plan and prioritize workforce and supply chains to avoid sub-optimization of resources in transportation and distribution centers with Quintiq planning solutions; and enhance the control of integrated warehouse operations through AGVs, robotics and automation to achieve superior cost-efficiency.

Industry Experience

Our long industry experience combined with cutting-edge technologies, such as Machine Vision, Machine Learning, AI and IoT capabilities, makes Roima a perfect partner for your needs.

Microservice Architecture

Our open source based solution platform enables your agile and microservice based development, increasing your process efficiency and enabling faster return on investment.

Fast Delivery with Efficient SaaS

Roima’s SaaS solutions enable extremely fast implementation and help you speed up your digital transformation.

Unlock the Power of Seamless Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is the bloodstream of industrial networks. With Roima’s cost-effective, integrated, and global solution, you can efficiently manage your entire supply chain. The toolset ranges from purchase management to the manufacturing material flows, completed with high-volume warehouse automation and logistics monitoring.

Gain Real-Time Visibility to All Operations

The key to continuous improvement is reliable and up-to-date information. For providing full operational transparency, all business information and plans are saved in real time to a single place. As the amount of data grows, it is crucial to identify the data that is essential for making quick analyses and timely decisions.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Subcontractor Network

Networked companies need flexible solutions for the efficient and timely control and scaling of their business across the entire production and supply network. When everything from product engineering and manufacturing to sales, warehousing, timely delivery, and quality assurance works together seamlessly, both the supplier and the end customer will benefit.

Clear SLA with one partner

Make the introduction of new suppliers and products to your portfolio straightforward: in Roima’s solution, you have clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) with only one vendor, and the support is tailored according to your needs – allowing you to grow your business in an agile and hassle-free manner.

Extensive Optimization Capabilities

Storage and warehouse support functions are the core of the entire warehouse process. It is crucial to ensure that storage is performed in an optimal way in view of other warehouse processes. The management of automated warehouse solutions and integrations to them is especially important in environments where efficiency is pursued through investments in automation.

Reach New Heights with Roima's Solutions for Logistics & Retail

Our long expertise and comprehensive range of solutions ensures that we can together find a solution that perfectly meets the unique business needs of your company. Our services use the latest technology and are fully intercompatible, ensuring quick and smooth implementation. The investment starts to pay back from the minute the solution is implemented.

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Let's Identify Your Needs!

With our PreStudy and ROIWalk consultancy services, we help you choose the solution that best suits the unique needs of your company and produces the best return on your investment.

See How Companies Are Succeeding with Roima's Solutions for Logistics & Retail

We at Roima have a proven track record of helping companies in Logistics & 3PL business overcome their challenges and increase profitability.

Transval Industrial Services

An important element was the readiness of the Roima representatives to discuss our business processes and needs on different levels of our organization. After all, these processes are the sole reason for acquiring a new IT system.
Jussi-Pekka Hoskari
Business Director
Transval Industrial Services

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