Are you looking for ways to improve operational intelligence?

Would you like to have real-time visibility to your assets and production processes?

Successful manufacturing today requires 24/7 availability of real-time production data from your production process. As the manufacturing environment evolves, the data gathering solutions must be able to cope with the changes while also enabling search and analytics data from proprietary legacy equipment and smart devices alike.

AVEVA PI provides a data infrastructure to build solutions for improved operational intelligence. This starts from gaining a real-time visibility to your assets and production processes by means of collecting, storing, enhancing and delivering data to all interest groups. AVEVA PI is at the very heart of the Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT).


Get data seamlessly from any production device.

Data Infrastructure

Solid backbone for your real-time data needs.

Real-Time Visibility

Capture data in real time and act on it immediately when it enters your system.

Enterprise Historian

Collect and aggregate data globally from all your production facilities.

Leading Historian Platform

With over 40 years of global experience, OSIsoft PI is the leading data infrastructure platform for the manufacturing industry. Together with AVEVA operations portfolio, you will gain a solid solution for performance intelligence management.

Data Contextualization

OSIsoft PI provides flexible tools for combining data with contextual information, which exponentially increases the value of your data and improves efficiency in further data usage.

Connectivity and Visibility

With AVEVA OSIsoft PI, you can connect from legacy production equipment to state-of-the-art IoT and AI applications in a single data platform. You gain full real-time visibility to all your manufacturing operations to get all the information you need at a glance.

Quality and Sustainability

OSIsoft PI provides effective means to meet your regulatory requirements. Thanks to OSIsoft PI, you can minimize waste and monitor your resource consumption to fulfill your sustainability goals and provide solid proof of compliance.

Asset Health

Tracking important asset health measurements and combining them to the relevant context enables advanced analytics and creates a solid foundation for the predictive maintenance of your critical equipment.

Process Efficiency

AVEVA OSIsoft PI grants you access to data from all production phases, enabling you to effectively analyze and identify your production bottlenecks and establish a solid foundation for process efficiency optimization.

Safety, Security and Regulatory Performance

OSIsoft PI provides integrated means for the secure and safe sharing of data. PI is the industry standard system of record for compliance and audit purposes. Furthermore, the solution helps to maintain data integrity to meet the requirements of even the tightest regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals.

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