Would you like to make informed production decisions in real time?

What if you could have true visibility to all assets and production processes?

Visualization and control of the actual production processes is key to improving operational excellence and operator effectiveness. The SCADA solution based on AVEVA software enables data collection for analysis and provides versatile tools for a centralized overview of all production process areas. With AVEVA SCADA, you get warnings and alarms of critical process states, enabling you to take early corrective actions.


Endorsed System Integrator

Roima Intelligence is an AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator with proven experience from a wide spectrum of industries. Roima’s solution architects and industry experts provide a scalable and robust SCADA platform with innovative user experience.

Moreover, our ISO9001 certification ensures on-time delivery and maximized Return on Investment (ROI).

Improved Production Results

Improve production quality and quantity while reducing costs & waste.

Centralized Overview of Multiple Systems

Consolidate your systems into one common user interface and increase operator efficiency.

Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Ensure maximum equipment and assets utilization and reduce downtime by reacting in real time.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Lower maintenance cost and minimize lifetime change management effort by using standard templates and tools.

Device Connectivity

Integrate with everything using a hardware and software agnostic platform. With a AVEVA SCADA solution provided by Roima, you gain device connectivity across multiple brands and vendors, allowing you to connect to everything from PLC to IoT.

Process Visualization

Visualize, control and optimize your operations with a rich, immersive, and multi-screen visualization framework.

Equipment Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control equipment in real time to reduce downtime and optimize production capability.

Alarms and Events

Visualize and react to alarms and events in your system with a powerful suite of alarm features. Alert, react, acknowledge and store production events.

Empowered Workforce

Unlock the power of true people-centric operations management and drive operators’ situational awareness through task- and role-based design that integrates engineering, operations, and maintenance information with contextual navigation where content follows the attention of the user.

Data Historization and Analysis

Fuel process improvement initiatives with hard data and make existing information more accessible for diagnostics and troubleshooting. With AVEVA SCADA solution provided by Roima, you gain a better understanding of alarms based on their context based on a market-leading process historian.

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