Are you looking for a solution to keep your supply chain informed with manufacturing operations data?

Would you like to easily share production data-based analytics and reporting with the key stakeholders?

To meet to the demands of today’s supply chain, it is vital to be able to share data from different on-premise solutions, such as Manufacturing Execution System. Roima’s core strength is in the expertise we have on different business processes like manufacturing and logistics, building on industry templates and solutions. This is complemented by our competences on different technologies on the shop floor and in the IT landscape. With our unique combination of skills, Roima offers you the best possible end-to-end Azure IoT solutions and services. In addition to being a certified Microsoft provider, Roima is AVEVA Endorsed Partner and OSIsoft Premier Partner.

Leading IoT Platform for Manufacturing

Capitalize on the benefits of a leading IoT platform for manufacturing industry as a part of your business-critical system environment.

Versatile Analytics & Reporting

Deliver state-of-the-art reports and analytics using Power BI enhanced with AI capabilities and Roima’s expertise and industry templates.

On-Premise MES & SCADA Compliant

Seamlessly connect your existing MES and SCADA production systems and data to the cloud.

One-Stop-Shop Solution

Get the support you need for your critical on-premise MES/SCADA solutions and any Azure cloud extensions from a single supplier.

Seamless Information Sharing

With Azure IoT, you have anytime, anywhere access to your production data analytics and reporting from the cloud. You can securely share selected production information also with your business partners with the help of Power BI reports.

Complement with AI & Machine Learning

Azure IoT provides versatile tools for enriching your production data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The resulting information is available for further utilization in the production process control systems.

OEE Data Collection

With Roima as your partner, you have flexible tools to add Overall Equipment Effectiveness tracking to your production lines using the Azure SaaS-based Roima OEE solution.

Smart Predictability and Insights

Thanks to versatile Azure capabilities, you can prevent unplanned production downtime with smart predictive maintenance. Furthermore, you can complement your manufacturing analytics with Roima’s novel Machine Vision solutions.

DevOps and Continuous Improvement

Roima has strong in-house capabilities for continuous improvement in software and technology development, combined with a deep expertise in production process development and consultation.

Integration of Assets to Azure Cloud

Connect your on-premise edge solutions, such as AVEVA Edge, with a two-way link to Azure using ready-made edge device templates, readily available in the Azure marketplace.

Balance Cloud and On-Premise

Get the best of both cloud and on-premise worlds by keeping the solutions where they make the most sense. With Roima’s help, you can leverage, among others, the existing asset structure from the on-premise solutions in the cloud.

Manufacturing Process Understanding

Roima has in-depth understanding and long-term expertise of working with manufacturing processes across a wide variety of industries. Be your needs in the process optimization, technology or continuous improvement, Roima’s experts are here for you.

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With our PreStudy and ROIWalk consultancy services, we help you choose the solution that best suits the unique needs of your company and produces the best return on your investment. After Roima’s consultancy services, you will have a clear plan for developing your business – prioritized based on business benefits. Make sure that your business can keep pace with change and is ready to tackle future challenges!

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