Do you want to boost your productivity and improve your reaction time to changes?

Do you feel that the available production information is scattered across different systems and outdated to begin with?

When it comes to material and resource efficiency, an improvement of even a single percentage point can have a significant effect on the financial result of your company. With Roima’s Enterprise Business Platform for the process industries, you can boost your performance, delivery reliability and efficiency and reduce costs incurred by waste.

End-to-End Digital Process

Our solution provides you with an end-to-end digital process from new product introduction and forecasting all the way to the production line and inbound & outbound logistics.

Visual Operations Planning

Benefit from a complete toolset for demand-based planning to achieve efficient operations through visual and automated production planning and optimization.

Real-Time Production and Quality Control

React to all changes without delay and build trust with your customers by offering detailed information on the origins of your products and raw materials.

Modular Solution to Grow with Your Needs

Whether your production is forecast-driven, order-driven, stock-driven, or any combination of these, our solution grows with your needs.

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

An ideal integrated sales & operations planning solution always focuses on achieving the business goals and targets, and provides valuable information to ensure that your plans are aligned with the corporate strategy.

Upstream & Downstream Supply-Chain Management

Supply chain is the bloodstream of manufacturing. Roima’s Enterprise Business Platform provides a cost-effective, integrated, and global solution for managing the entire supply chain. The toolset ranges from managing the purchases to flow of raw materials, completed with high-volume warehouse automation and logistics monitoring.

Advanced Forecasting with Management of Uncertainty

Roima’s Enterprise Business Platform provides you with versatile tools for demand forecasting as well as production planning and optimization. You can flexibly adapt your production to lot size – be it forecast-driven, order-driven, stock-driven, or any combination for achieving an optimal demand and supply balance.

Gain Real-Time Visibility to All Operations

The key to continuous improvement is reliable and up-to-date information. For providing full operational transparency, all business decisions are based on the same real-time production information. As the amount of data grows, it is crucial to identify the data that is essential for making quick analyses and timely decisions.

Increase Efficiency through Visual Resource and Production Planning

With the help of visual production planning (Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS) and paperless manufacturing execution (MES), you can reduce duplicate work and wasted time, shorten lead times and cut production costs, as resources and raw materials are used more efficiently. In addition to work shift planning, the system features integrated work time reporting for production operations.

Reach New Heights with Roima's Enterprise Business Platform

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