Would you like to digitalize your procurement control and boost predictability?

Looking for ways to gain visibility into your overall spend and consolidate purchases to selected suppliers?

Procurement operations face a host of challenges every day, from the often vast number of different suppliers to massive catalogs, over-centralized procurement activities, slow and error-prone manual processes, scattered data, maverick buying, and limited visibility to procurement costs. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system alone offers limited tools to address these challenges. Roima eProcurement is a perfect solution to take your procurement under control, complementing your existing ERP system.

While your ERP continues to function as the central process engine and take care of direct purchases, Roima eProcurement takes full control over decentralized procurement and indirect purchases. With Roima eProcurement, you can steer your organization to buy less and pay less, as well as automatize your procurement processes and improve transparency and manageability.

Distributed eProcurement as a Service

Automate Manual eProcurement Processes

Pay Less – Consolidate eProcurement

Visibility into Overall Spend

Roima eProcurement offers comprehensive features to gain visibility into the overall spend, also on the go. Mobile access is available anywhere and anytime through an easy-to-use mobile user interface, allowing you to make purchases whenever and wherever you need to.

Digitizing and Automating the eProcurement Process

Roima eProcurement offers comprehensive features to support the digitalization of your procurement. It allows automating your invoice processing with agreement-specific price lists and price list maintenance for price optimization. Roima eProcurement provides an easy procurement solution for your entire organization.

Easy-to-Use Webshop-Like User Interface

Roima eProcurement offers a fully featured online shop type of web user interface for your entire organization. It empowers users to perform efficient product searches across all catalogs and make purchases from the catalogs within their access rights through the easy-to-use shopping cart based ordering system. You have the possibility to add extensive product and service catalogs from different suppliers and limit access as appropriate.

Stop Maverick Buying

Do you know the feeling when you get invoices and don’t know who has made the purchase, why, and with what authority? With Roima eProcurement, your employees are provided with an easy way to make purchases without having to use their personal credit cards or bypass the approved procurement process, thus minimizing maverick spending. You can decentralize procurement in a controlled way by equipping your entire organization with the possibility to make purchases within their access and ordering rights, through an appropriate approval process.

Benefit from Centralized Reporting

Roima eProcurement is readily integrated into Roima Control Tower solution, enabling detailed monitoring of procurement transactions and immediate response to possible deviations and misconduct. With Roima eProcurement, you can easily ensure contract compliance.

Procurement Control and Predictability

Roima eProcurement enables customizable procurement processes for your needs, including, among others, different order placement methods, such as catalog orders, free text orders, commissions, and punch-out orders. Ordering rights are managed according to cost centers, and approval process rules according to cost centers and set monetary limits. Furthermore, receiving can be decentralized or centralized according to need.

Consolidate to Selected Suppliers

Roima eProcurement digitalizes your procurement process and enables easy consolidation to selected suppliers. You can efficiently integrate with your suppliers either digitally, via email or through straightforward integrations to other systems, such as to ERP systems and invoicing systems – thus also improving your invoice processing rate. The solution also allows your suppliers to maintain their own catalogs, either through the user interface or through an integration, and thanks to system notifications, you will always be informed of any changes to supplier catalogs.

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