Would you like to improve the quality of your intralogistics through efficiency and accuracy?

Are you suffering from a lack of real-time visibility and control of your warehousing processes?

To make and keep your business profitable, you need the support of efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations. In the rapidly evolving business environment, measuring your warehouse flexibility, internal quality and efficiency is becoming increasingly important. With Roima FidaWare WMS intralogistics solution, your warehouse can reach a balance precision of 99% and a picking precision of 99.5% – in short, less errors, more efficient operations and increased job satisfaction.

Real-Time Balance and Picking

Stay up to date on the exact amount and location of goods in your warehouse – at all times.

Optimized Item Handling

Build and strengthen competitive advantage with AI-based warehouse optimization and rule engine.

For Warehousing-Driven Business

Boost your warehouse’s overall effectiveness and delivery capability and deliver on your customer promise through improved material flow control and multi-channel deliveries.

Available as SaaS and On-Premise

Choose SaaS, On-Premise or a hybrid delivery model to grow with your needs.

Make Deliveries on Time

Keeping delivery promises is at the heart of maintaining and improving customer satisfaction. A well-optimized intralogistics process is crucial for ensuring that you can deliver on your promises. With Roima FidaWare Warehouse Management System (WMS), you have a visual, real-time view to your warehouse status. The solution takes full benefit of your automated storage systems, automatically calculates and optimizes item placement, and provides flexible internal warehouse transfers – ensuring that you can plan and deliver on time, every time.

Benefit from Full Location Management

Carefully thought-out and practical product placement plays a pivotal role in maximizing warehouse efficiency. Roima FidaWare WMS ensures the optimal placement of items within your warehouse based on identified bottlenecks, combining the continuous traceability of stock keeping units (SKUs) with the properties defined for different warehouse locations. The placement logic applies the properties defined for SKUs and warehouse locations, such as ABC class, XYZ turnover class, and the dimension and weight data of items.

Gain Full Control over Your Stock Levels

Roima FidaWare WMS provides full control and planning of inventories, raw materials and ​semi-finished and finished goods. At the same time, every stock keeping unit (SKU) is uniquely identifiable, and you can view their contents in real time. Roima FidaWare WMS knows exactly where each SKU is located and which production lot it belongs to, providing you with 100% traceability.

Ensure the Sufficiency of Materials

With Roima’s WMS solution, you always have real-time visibility to and full control over your warehouse process and stock levels, thanks to the flexible and efficient use of FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) rules.

Enable Order-Driven Deliveries

Today’s dynamic business environment requires balancing between forecast- and demand-driven planning. Roima’s WMS solution provides versatile capabilities for supporting different use cases and ERP scopes. You can flexibly plan according to the business need at hand – be it forecast- or demand-driven fine planning. Roima FidaWare WMS is a fully integrated ​and configurable WMS solution for different types of warehousing and intralogistics needs and environments.​

Optimize Your Warehousing Capacity

Storage and warehouse support functions are the core of the entire warehouse process, so in order to succeed, it is crucial to ensure that storage is performed in an optimal way to support all other processes in your warehouse. Each operating environment has its own, unique operations. Roima FidaWare WMS provides you with flexible tools for warehouse optimization to build and strengthen competitive advantage.

Take Control of Best-Before Dates, FIFO and FEFO Rules

Roima’s WMS solution allows for the efficient and flexible use of FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) rules – thus providing you with an excellent toolset for planning and optimization with best-before dates.​

Built-in Control Automation (Miniload, AGV)

The management of automated warehouse solutions and integrations to them is especially important in environments where efficiency is pursued through investments in automation. With Roima’s solution, you can achieve 100% traceability, efficient warehouse optimization and overall process control, including different kinds of automation solutions.

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Barona Varastopalvelut Oy

Barona trusts in Roima FidaWare WMS solution.
We were looking for a partner who could offer us an agile, efficient and modern WMS as well as good integration capability. These capabilities are essential in 3PL business. Therefore, we launched a WMS development project together with Roima.
Olli Nieminen
Service Director
Barona Varastopalvelut Oy

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