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Roima Lean System is an enterprise resource planning solution for environments that require flexibility and speed. With the solution, you can manage all processes related to your company’s order-delivery chain and automate and integrate all the information needed by different operations into a single system.

Break down silos and barriers – between human and machine, between the current and the future, and between you and your data. Roima Lean System is the choice of leading industrial companies. Would you like to become one of them?

Roima Lean System flexibly supports different types of operations management needs – from manufacturing (MOM) to full-scale business management (ERP).

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Roima Lean System is an extensive, modular software for enterprise resource planning that can be implemented either as a whole or by modules. The system is used by process and equipment manufacturing industries, service business and project management companies and it supports several alternative control modes and their combinations – simultaneously.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Roima Lean System’s Manufacturing Operations Management functions have been developed with special focus on usability to meet the needs for improving production efficiency and increasing productivity. Roima’s MOM solution facilitates versatile advanced production planning and scheduling (APS) and quick execution of orders on the shop floor (MES), and adds transparency to the different phases of the order-to-delivery process.

End-to-End Digital Process

Our solution provides you with an end-to-end digital process from engineering to the factory floor, suppliers, contractors and in-house production alike.

Visual Operations Planning

Benefit from a complete toolset for both demand-based operations and work step-based planning to achieve efficient operations through visual production planning and optimization.

Real-Time Production Control

React to all changes without delay and build trust with your customers by offering detailed information on the origins of your products and raw materials.

Modular Solution available as SaaS and On-Premise

Whether your business model is based on engineer to order, manufacture to stock, mass tailoring, project manufacturing, contract manufacturing, or after-sales and spare part sales, our solution grows with your needs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Integrated Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Successful business is founded on well-planned operations. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a continuous process to optimize the operational plans of the entire organization based on sales forecasts. Roima Lean System sales and operations planning supports various types of sales processes and automatic sales forecasting and simulation based on sales history. Sales orders, quotations and annual agreements automatically update the sales forecast accordingly.

Unlock the Power of Seamless Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is the bloodstream of business operations. With efficient supply chain management, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire value chain, from components and raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers. Roima Lean System provides an integrated purchasing, supply chain and material flow management. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) functionalities enable the comprehensive planning and control of the entire value chain.

Combine Your Information, Material and Financial Flows

Roima Lean System integrates your information, material and financial flows to a seamless and agile operations planning solution with built-in business intelligence and reporting. It provides a cost-effective, integrated and global solution for your company’s operations, founded on business planning, sales forecasting, supply chain management, manufacturing, project business and after-sales services capabilities.

Increase Efficiency through Visual Resource and Production Planning

Roima Lean System provides versatile graphical tools for production planning. With the tools’ visual user interfaces, production planners can easily evaluate the feasibility of alternative plans using simulation and publish the best one as the approved production plan.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) provides you with the tools to achieve efficient operations through visual production planning and optimization. With Roima Lean System APS, you get a complete toolset for both forecast- and order-driven planning optimization and lead time reduction.

Gain Real-Time Visibility to All Operations

The key to continuous improvement is reliable and up-to-date information. With Roima Lean System, all business information and plans are saved in real time to a single place, providing full operational transparency. As the amount of data grows, it is crucial to identify the data that is essential for quick analyses and timely decisions. Roima’s solution provides versatile functionalities for user-friendly reporting, analytics, and visual representations, transforming the huge masses of data into useful information that brings added value to the user and enables you to improve business predictability, transparency and reaction time. With Roima Lean System, you can achieve full transparency of operations across your organization and make plans and promises that you can keep.

Digitalize Manufacturing with Paperless Production on the Shop Floor

Enhance production efficiency and boost productivity through manufacturing operations management and a paperless flow from planning to production shop floor. Roima Lean System maximizes production throughput and quality and facilitates the quick execution of orders on the shop floor while adding transparency to the different stages of the supply chain. With the help of visual production planning (Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS), paperless manufacturing execution (MES), and material flow management (WMS) on the shop floor, you can reduce duplicate work and wasted time. Through quality control and traceability starting from the shop floor, you can fulfill customer and regulatory requirements, monitor production, instantly identify quality deviations, and enable quality analysis for product development.

Capitalize on New Product Lifecycle Revenue Opportunities

After-sales is an important link between any company and its customers. It helps to build strong customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and is a potential source of profitable business. With the support of Roima Lean System, you can seize new business opportunities through after-sales services and spare part sales. Roima Lean System works seamlessly together with different types of service and maintenance models, whether on-site service by a third party, maintenance by in-house personnel, or delivery of equipment back to the manufacturer for off-site service.
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Roima Lean System in Action at Planmeca

Planmeca uses Roima Lean System in the daily supply chain and manufacturing operations.
A good enterprise resource planning system is like a well-functioning dishwasher at home: dirty dishes become clean. Ease in running everyday affairs is important.
Tuomas Lokki
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Planmeca Oy

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