Do you know that a user-friendly warehouse management system provides increased efficiency, quality and job satisfaction?

Do you want to strengthen the coordination in the warehouse and ensure that warehouse automation becomes an integral part of the flow?

The warehouse management system LOGIA contains all the tools to operate an efficient warehouse and logistics function. The solution manages and optimizes the entire intralogistics: the manual warehouse, the automatic warehouse equipment, the production logistics and the shipping area. Everything is connected by integrations to ERP systems, freight platforms and warehouse automation equipment. This provides the best overview and an optimal flow.

The platform consists of control modules with good tools for planning the daily operation, performing work tasks and optimizing warehousing processes. The modules are put together based on your warehouse and logistics situation. It provides full flexibility and the opportunity to expand the solution as your business develops.

Roima LOGIA WMS & WCS is well suited for various types of businesses:

Distribution and wholesaler

  • Coordinated management of processes
  • Automatic job prioritization
  • Full traceability
  • Optimized shipping and freight


  • Huge amount of small orders
  • Single-line functionality
  • Shipping in own packaging
  • Handling of returned goods


  • Sterile and clean equipment
  • Operation of the central warehouse
  • Efficient distribution and repository service
  • Warehouse automation and bed logistics

Traceability and process quality

LOGIA meets even the most restrictive industries’ high requirements for registrations, certificates, traceability etc. It provides full traceability throughout the value chain, and goods can be traced even on individual level. All handling of goods can be registered via bar codes, just as the correct warehouse location can be confirmed via scanning. Scanning rules can be set up for specific areas and employees.

Max utilization of inventory resources

LOGIA ensures the best utilization of the physical framework, inventory and automatic systems as well as efficient and error-free handling of incoming and outgoing orders. It includes everything from warehouse layout and locations to optimal item placement, short picking routes and reduced search, pick and pack times. The actual training in LOGIA only takes a few hours, and new employees are quickly ready to work.

Integrated control of automatic equipment

Optimized WCS of automations for high bay cranes, flowracks, miniloads, carousels, vertical lifts, AMRs, AGVs, robots, Autostores, conveyors etc. Equipment of different brands can be mixed and controlled in the same LOGIA solution, which ensures maximum capacity utilization, and that the automatic warehouse equipment is integrated in a good flow with the rest of the warehouse.

Delivered as Saas or On-premise

LOGIA is available both as a traditional license and as a SaaS solution. In the traditional form, you buy the software package with the desired modules. You own the software license and have software and database on your own chosen server. In the Saas solution, the software is in the cloud. It is always updated with the latest functionality, and you can access it as a fixed price solution or on a subscription basis.

Visual User Interface & Voice

LOGIA is designed and developed specifically for the warehouse and logistics function. The user interface is unique due to its high degree of visualization, use of article images and simple instructions. Everything is intuitive, easy to decode and act on. The user interface can be combined with Pick-by-Voice technology, where the warehouse operator has both a visual presentation and guides via headset.

Good management tools

LOGIA contains the tools needed to optimize and manage logistics efficiently. LOGIA creates an overview, good planning and ensures optimal utilization of all resources. The progress of today’s expedition in relation to deadlines can be followed in overview pictures. Status calculations provide the expected end time with the current staffing and efficiency.

Automated planning

Automatic job generation based on defined warehouse strategies, replenishment rules, orders and inventory. This ensures that orders are automatically activated in the correct order, and creates an even workload throughout the day. Dynamic material flow simulation, inventory allocation and calculation on order volume and freight forecast.

Optimal goods placement

The location of the goods in the warehouse is of great importance for how efficiently the picking process can be carried out and the flow in the warehouse. LOGIA ensures that goods are stored in the optimal locations, that there is stock at the picking locations and that the picking routes are as short as possible. This is done based on the goods master data and ABC categorization.

Inventory control

LOGIA has three simple counting functions, which ensure that the inventory is in control: zero point counting, cyclical counting and ad hoc counting. The inventory counts are an integral part of the work processes and the daily operation. Inventory data is automatically exchanged between LOGIA and the ERP system, so that the warehouse inventories match in both systems.

Flow of materials to production

LOGIA manages picking for production and moving to intermediate or finished goods warehouses. Goods are delivered and picked up successively to and from production according to just-in-time principles. It ensures an optimal flow as well as timely and correct inventory management. All workflows are organized with a minimum process step and are based on scanning or simple registrations, so that all data is collected in the process.

Route management & Shipping area management

Based on fixed shipping routes, LOGIA ensures that orders are picked in the correct shipping order, generate shipping forecasts, and manage shipping order. The system provides an overview of the shipping areas ranks and gates and ensures that the area is utilized optimally and that orders are processed efficiently. The loading control optimizes the handling of orders from the shipping area to the truck.

Integrated with ERP, freight and webshop

LOGIA has integration to approx. 30 ERP systems including SAP, M3, Visma, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX as well as standard interface for the TA/transport systems Consignor, Webshipper and Coolrunner. Data can thus be shared across the platforms, and freight ordering can be done directly in LOGIA as part of the work processes.



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