Are you experiencing challenges with managing the quality of production?

Is quality control becoming a bottleneck for your production?

With the help of Machine Vision, you can make smarter and faster decisions, improve quality, reduce waste and increase performance, creating more profit and ensuring better customer satisfaction.

Real-time Visibility

Collect and visualize information as it is created.

Immediate PASS/FAIL

Use results directly in process control.

Reporting and Connectivity

Collect and use data in PLCs or higher level systems.

Online Monitoring and Measurements

Vision systems produce process- and product-related quality and measurement data in real time. Compared to visual sampling and manual measurements, this enables more thorough analysis and ensures that data is immediately available for further processing and visualization.

Automate Pass/Fail Decisions

Decisions based on defined pass/fail criteria can be outsourced to vision systems that tirelessly inspect and output the decision in a split second.

Application-Specific Data Processing

The core function of any vision system is the image data processing. The best results are achieved when this part of the software is tailored to suit specific needs. However, application development is never started from scratch.

Efficiently Store and Report Quality Data

Vision systems can produce a huge data stream of raw image data. All this can be stored, but often only the processed key values are saved. Level of storing and reporting functionalities may vary from minimal to e.g. full data traceability from multiple camera systems and other sources.

Equipment and System Interfacing

Direct links to databases, cloud services, PLCs, sensors and actuators are common for vision systems. Existing or included sensor data is often used to trigger or control imaging, and data is sent directly to data bases and even directly to higher level SCADA, MES or even ERP systems.

Self-Learning AI Capabilities

Machine learning technologies provide powerful tools to solve some classification, detection and prediction problems. Vision systems are in the forefront of utilizing these technologies and enabling solutions to complex tasks previously considered too difficult.

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This system does exactly what we need. It made producing these kinds of floors possible on an industrial scale. Without technology like this, our business model would not be viable. Before, it took a week’s work from several carpenters to make 100 m² of floor, whereas now, one man can do the same in one day!

Hannes Tarn
Partner and Development Director

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