Are you lacking real-time visibility to your production process and bottlenecks?

Would you like to have effective means to measure and maximize your production capacity?

To ensure success, there is a constant need to improve the efficiency and profitability of production by increasing the visibility of the production process and bottlenecks. With Roima OEE Solution, you have the means to measure your production equipment Key Performance Indicators in real time to identify the key development areas, taking your production to a whole new level. Roima’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness provides a standardized and easy-to-use solution for continuous improvement by enabling correct and real-time data for daily management and visibility.

Real-Time Performance Visibility

Utilize real-time data and visibility for your production process and bottleneck performance and status information.

KPIs for Daily Management

Get SMART production performance KPIs and use them for daily management to achieve your business objectives.

Data for Continuous Improvement

Get data on the root causes of production downtime and utilize it for continuous improvement of your production efficiency.

Increased Throughput

  • Increase production equipment capacity usage and throughput by using accurate data and KPIs with Roima OEE
  • Use data to analyze product changeover and setup times to optimize you production plans to be more accurate.

Better Productivity

  • Increase production productivity by setting up clear production efficiency KPIs and using them for target settings and recognition.
  • Combine production work order and downtime event data for an in-depth analysis of improvement needs in the production process.

More Effective Maintenance

  • Get SMART maintenance KPIs and analyze equipment downtime root causes to increase internal or external equipment maintenance efficiency.
  • Switch from reactive to proactive maintenance through an increased amount of production event and downtime root cause data.

Planned Production Stops

  • Use Overall Equipment Effectiveness production event and downtime root cause data for detailed analysis to schedule needed planned production stops.

Anywhere, Anytime Decision Making

  • Roima OEE is a cloud-based and mobile-friendly system enabling real-time information visibility and reporting combined with ease of use.

Enabler for Lean Practices and Culture

  • Use accurate and visual OEE data and enable the Lean and daily management practices.


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Roima OEE in Action at Lumene

The solution installation was easy and fast. Roima’s cloud service will help us improve our packaging line efficiency by allowing us to use performance indicators and root cause analysis tools in our daily management activities.
Anne Mäkelä
Production Development Engineer
Lumene Oy

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