Is your subcontractor network disconnected from your business processes?

Are you wasting time in searching for up-to-date product data and specifications in your e-mail inbox?

Successful business operations call for agile and flexible collaboration between organizations. Networked companies need real-time solutions for the efficient and timely control and scaling of their operations across the entire production and supply network. Roima Product Information is a versatile cloud-based SaaS platform and a suite of applications for efficient management of product data related processes across collaboration networks. It seamlessly expands your Roima Aton and is easy to connect to other PLM and business solutions.

When everything from product engineering and manufacturing to sales, warehousing, timely delivery, and quality assurance share the same up-to-date data, they work seamlessly together. Moreover, companies can acquire know-how across their collaboration networks. With the help of Roima Product Information, this shared and transparent information flow ensures that both the supplier and the end customer will benefit.

Up-to-Date Product Data for Collaboration Partners

Form a solid basis for smooth digitalized operations in extended enterprise with up-to-date product data.

Fully Digitalized RFQ Process

Digitalize and formalize your RFx process efficiently in your extended enterprise.

Anywhere, Anytime for Efficiency in Operations

Boost your operations with always up-to-date, time- and location-independent product data.

Share BOM & Documents with Subcontractors

An end-to-end digital process from engineering to the factory floor, suppliers, contractors and in-house production requires versatile tools. With Roima Product Information, you are empowered by visual tools and real-time access to the latest product information across your collaboration network. You can react to all changes throughout the production value chain without delay.

Comprehensive Change Management

Roima Product Information covers all the change management needs for your extended enterprise. The change management application enables you to manage and keep track of change management processes (e.g. ECR, ECO, ECN), quality feedback, or new ideas from PLM to suppliers or manufacturing for a continuous improvement cycle.

Efficiently Manage Your RFQ Process and Documents

Do you need subcontractors for extending you company’s expertise or capacity? Sourcing and tendering can be time-consuming processes. Request for quotations with the Roima Product Information RFx application enables efficient quoting of components, assemblies and services. RFx’s can be assigned to several suppliers, which can be compared and followed up, and notifications enable fast response to new tasks. With the RFx application, you have all the RFx’s in one place – accessible by all main contractor users. All history data is available for reuse.

Manage Delivery Project Documents

In multi-supplier projects, up-to-date project documentation is a critical success factor. Keeping the documentation up to date calls for the efficient sharing and version management of documents and related information across the entire supplier network. This information can include, for instance, quality documents, delivery project documentation, agreements, and instructions for suppliers. In addition to document management, Roima Product Information provides an archive of past conversations and document versions.

Dashboard with Your Own Tasks and Open Issues

Roima Product Information Dashboard provides you with a single-view landing page to all product information applications, tasks and open issues. Quick links provide quick access to other applications with the selected data. Visualizing widgets include charts and lists, providing you with a clear overview of what is happening with suppliers.

Task Management with Suppliers

Roima Product Information provides effective means to manage tasks with the entire extended enterprise. The Task List application offers a simple user interface to manage, for example, product development tasks with suppliers. Task lists can be used for various purposes, such as quality and cost development initiatives, manufacturing tasks when making prototype products, or additional tasks related to engineering changes.

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