Are you wasting time in searching for up-to-date product data and specifications in your e-mail inbox?

Is your subcontractor network disconnected from your business processes?

Companies relying on business partner networks need flexible solutions for the efficient and timely control and scaling of their business across the entire production, supply and distribution network.

With ROIWalk Extended Enterprise service, we help you to gain control of your product information.

When everything from product engineering and manufacturing to sales, warehousing, timely delivery and quality assurance works together seamlessly, both the supplier and the end customer will benefit.

Provide Up-to-Date Product Data for Business Partners

Benefit from Digitalized RFQ Process

Gain Operational Efficiency

Supplier Networks

  • Is your company able to subcontract work flexibly according to need?
  • Do you have challenges managing the manufacturing documentation needed by subcontractors?
  • Are you able to provide your suppliers with access to accurate and up-to-date manufacturing information?
  • Are you still relying on email to share documentation?

Management of Commercial Product Information

  • Is the management of your commercial product information scattered across multiple systems?
  • Can you automatically share product information to different channels, such as to your company’s website, online store, and sales network?
  • Are you able to easily compile the information related to your product offering according to your customer’s needs?
  • Is the enrichment of technical product data with commercial information done in a controlled manner?

These are common challenges that many companies face in their supplier networks. We offer you a solution to handle these challenges with a modern digital approach. ROIWalk Extended Enterprise is the first step to identify your main challenges, their impact and possible solutions. With ROIWalk Extended Enterprise, you get the tools to improve your supplier network operations towards process excellence.

ROIWalk Extended Enterprise – Unlock the Power of Your Collaboration Network

Map the Current Situation

The best way to start developing operations is by carefully assessing the current state. ROIWalk’s current state analysis will provide you with a clear picture of where you are now and helps you identify the most important areas of development.

Tap into the Expertise of Seasoned Professionals

The analysis is always carried out by one of our seasoned industry experts, supported by Roima’s extensive network of professionals. Together we can see across isolate operations and organizational boundaries and gain a more comprehensive view of your development needs.

Create an Effective Development Plan

ROIWalk analyzes your company’s operating environment, goals, challenges and targets for development. We help you create a clear development plan for continuous improvement and find the right solutions to rapidly enhance the competitiveness of your business by developing the selected areas as part of your other processes.

Ensure that Your Information Systems Support Processes

The focus of ROIWalk is on the ways of working, processes, and their development, but our industry expert can also help in questions related to IT and architecture to ensure that the information systems support your processes and ways of working in the most optimal way.

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