Are your transport operations predictable? Do you know when trucks will arrive and what they are carrying?

Do you still rely on paper printouts, or are you already taking advantage of the most recent technology?

Today’s consumers call for greater visibility, reliability, and control over deliveries, and this trend is now spreading to the B2B world as well. Transport companies are taking their business management to the digital age, creating new opportunities for serving the entire transport chain ever more efficiently. Improved transparency and manageability of transport operations have positive effects on other business areas as well, whether you are in retail, industry, or logistics.

ROIWalk Logistics offers the tools to quickly identify the key areas for development, providing you with an external expert view on the most important factors to consider in your logistics and on where and how to start developing them. ROIWalk Logistics is an easy and efficient way to open the way for better logistics.

Carrier Partners

Inbound & Outbound Logistics

Logistics Planning

Logistics Monitoring

Logistics Planning

  • Have you outsourced your transportation planning or do you do it in-house?
  • Does your company have its own transportation equipment?
  • What is your planning horizon?
  • Are you able to test the viability of your plans, for example, by means of simulation?

Daily Logistics Operations

  • How many employees in your organization are currently working in logistics?
  • Are you able to optimize your operations in real time?
  • How much time do you spend on problem solving?
  • Are you using multiple systems to run your logistics operations?
  • Do your intralogistics operations support your other logistics operations?

Cooperation with Transport Companies

  • How do you order transportation services?
  • How do you select the transport companies, and do you put transportation contracts out to tender?
  • How big is your network of transport companies? Are the often changes in your network?
  • Do you have electronic connections with transport companies?

Customer Deliveries

  • Are you able to offer your customers up-to-date information on the progress of their orders?
  • Do you know when the shipment will reach the customer?
  • Is your customer invoicing slowed down by paper-based processes, such as by having to wait for a signed consignment note or other paper documents?
  • Do you learn about deviations in transportation without delay, or for the first time when you receive a call from a disappointed customer?

Logistics Performance Measurement and Knowledge-Based Management

  • Do you receive status updates on the progress of your deliveries?
  • How do you monitor the performance of transport companies?
  • Do you regularly review the ways of working together with the transport companies in your network?
  • Is your monitoring based on historical data or current events?

These are common challenges that many companies face in their logistics. We offer you a solution to handle these challenges with a modern digital approach. ROIWalk Logistics is the first step to recognize your main challenges, their impact and possible solutions to develop. With ROIWalk Logistics, you get the tools to improve your logistics operations towards process excellence.

ROIWalk Logistics – for Improved Transparency and Control Over Your Transport Operations

Map the Current Situation

The best way to start developing operations is by carefully assessing the current state. ROIWalk’s current state analysis will provide you with a clear picture of where you are now and helps you identify the most important areas of development.

Tap into the Expertise of Seasoned Professionals

The analysis is always carried out by one of our seasoned industry experts, supported by Roima’s extensive network of professionals. Together we can see across isolate operations and organizational boundaries and gain a more comprehensive view of your development needs.

Create an Effective Development Plan

ROIWalk analyzes your company’s operating environment, goals, challenges and targets for development. We help you create a clear development plan for continuous improvement and find the right solutions to rapidly enhance the competitiveness of your business by developing the selected areas as part of your other processes.

Ensure that Your Information Systems Support Processes

The focus of ROIWalk is on the ways of working, processes, and their development, but our industry expert can also help in questions related to IT and architecture to ensure that the information systems support your processes and ways of working in the most optimal way.

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