Do you have access to accurate up-to-date data to support your daily management activities?

Are your production personnel able to concentrate on the most value-adding tasks?

Could you benefit from paperless production or have you already harnessed the power of automation and digitalization in your production? Changes in the operating environment create pressure for changing and adjusting the processes in your production. There is a constant need to improve the efficiency and profitability of production by increasing the degree of automation. To ensure success, all changes should be implemented in a way that increases the satisfaction of both employees and customers.

With ROIWalk Production, you can identify the key areas for development and find the right solutions to take your production to a whole new level.

Accurate Information for Daily Management

Focus on Value-Adding Activities in Production

Paperless Production and Digitalization

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Production Control and Supervision

  • Do you have easy access to up-to-date information on the current situation in production and possible challenges?
  • Or is your time wasted searching for that information?
  • In the event of changes, for example, in delivery times, can the updated work schedules be flexibly implemented on the shop floor?
  • Are product variants causing challenges for production execution and working methods on the shop floor?
  • Are the supervisors able to focus on leading people or is their time wasted on other issues and problem solving?

Production Execution and the Activities of Operators

  • Are the production work list and schedule always prepared in advance for the next shift, day, or week?
  • Is the entry of production and quality data done manually?
  • Are you relying on rigid reporting tools or even paper-based reporting?
  • Can the data from your production equipment be used in reporting production volumes, quality data, and equipment effectiveness?
  • Do the production operators have easy access to all the necessary workstation- and product-specific work instructions?

Production Materials, Raw Materials, and Storage

  • Are the parts and raw materials needed by the production available at the workstations at the right time and when needed?
  • Can you ensure that the right parts and raw materials are used for the manufacturing of different products and semi-finished goods?
  • Do the production operators have access to all the necessary information on the availability and location of parts and raw materials?

Production Reporting, Daily Management, and Performance Monitoring

  • Are the traceability data and actuals of products easily available and reportable?
  • Can the profitability of products be measured accurately?
  • Are product variants causing problems or challenges?
  • Are you able to report the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your production equipment reliably?
  • Can the information be further used for continuous improvement?
  • Are you able to capitalize on LEAN methodologies for developing the maintenance, product planning, quality monitoring, and other processes of your company?

We offer you a solution to handle these challenges with a modern, digital approach. ROIWalk Production offers the first step to recognize your main challenges and possible solutions to develop. With ROIWalk Production, you get the insights that help you to improve your production operations towards continuous improvement.

ROIWalk – Unleash the Full Potential of Your Production

Map the Current Situation

The best way to start developing operations is by carefully assessing the current state. ROIWalk’s current state analysis will provide you with a clear picture of where you are now and helps you identify the most important areas of development.

Tap into the Expertise of Seasoned Professionals

The analysis is always carried out by one of our seasoned industry experts, supported by Roima’s extensive network of professionals. Together we can see across isolate operations and organizational boundaries and gain a more comprehensive view of your development needs.

Create an Effective Development Plan

ROIWalk analyzes your company’s operating environment, goals, challenges and targets for development. We help you create a clear development plan for continuous improvement and find the right solutions to rapidly enhance the competitiveness of your business by developing the selected areas as part of your other processes.

Ensure that Your Information Systems Support Processes

The focus of ROIWalk is on the ways of working, processes, and their development, but our industry expert can also help in questions related to IT and architecture to ensure that the information systems support your processes and ways of working in the most optimal way.

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