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Manufacturing operations and factories are facing multiple industrial trends that require investments in the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives. These trends include, among others, a higher mix of products and variations with mass customization, requiring quick change management, transparency between operations and well-managed planning activities.

Customers, consumers and legislation set further requirements for product quality, traceability and environment. Measurement, tracking and tracing of all products, raw materials and energy consumption are essential to meet the requirements of all stakeholders. Young generation workforce demands high usability and mobility from all applications and digital tools. The focus needs to be put on efficient work, and the systems should seamlessly support all operations and work tasks despite of the quickly changing situations and deviations.

At the same time, new product introduction times are getting shorter and market variation is increasing. The industry also undergoes through mergers and acquisitions and requires a more complex supply chain and partner network. These create a need information transparency, standardization and flexible information infrastructure that serves all company levels and roles.

Respond to Industry Trends and Achieve Tangible Business Benefits with Roima Smart Factory:

Increased Revenue

Increase your revenue through increased throughput, reduced cycle time, quicker new product introduction and higher customer happiness thanks to better quality and delivery accuracy.

Reduced Costs

Lower your labor, material, energy and rework costs through improved tracking, analysis and transparent reporting of key KPIs, resulting in more efficient ways of working and best practices. Better planning will not only reduce costs but can also increase throughput by removing bottlenecks.

Reduced Risks

Ensure business continuity and lower business risks through valid and auditable production information, modern IT infrastructure and cyber security, and improved product and process quality.

Qualitative Benefits

Gain more visible and transparent information, standardize best practices and enhance decision making, knowledge sharing and employee satisfaction.

Roima Smart Factory Areas


Roima’s ROIWalk service enables to identify Smart Factory business opportunities, find out production bottlenecks, select the best technology solutions and optimize enterprise architecture for low TCO.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master data is the foundation of all Smart Factory initiatives. Standardized master data analysis, cleansing and harmonization processes enables efficient implementation of standardized best practice and new smart factory technologies.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Smart Factory operations require a feasible plan. Advanced Planning and Scheduling helps you to visualize your objectives and workflows, optimize your production plan, resource utilization and make the most out of your valuable assets.

Online Monitoring and Control (HMI / SCADA)

Online monitoring and control of shop floor automation (PLCs), process and equipment is the foundation of Smart Factory. The online monitoring and control includes automation and equipment integration and HMI and SCADA functionalities. These enable transparent visibility, seamless control and data collection and storage of all the process data from all the shop floor equipment, devices and automation.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Machine Vision (AI, ML)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be applied to gain additional business benefits when the data and information is well available and structured. Advanced Data Analytics can help detect correlations and enable predictive business decision based on collected data. Intelligent Machine Vision can be applied to collect even more sophisticated production information related to, for example, quality.

Integration, IoT, Visualization, Reporting and Digital Twins

The current Smart Factory trends of Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet and Digital Twins call for a solid data integration platform with seamless integration to all automation and equipment. The raw data needs to be collected and structured within the factory, department, line and equipment before storing and forwarding to it cloud, data lake or data historians. Available data with valid context enables the creation of transparent visualization, in-depth reporting and Digital Twins for all your factories.

Quality and Traceability

Quality management is an integral part of all shop floor activities. Quality sampling, measurement and reporting tasks should be part of shop floor instructions and embedded to be an integral part of all the activities on the shop floor. Registering parts, raw material batches and all quality data as part of solid and auditable traceability information can be used both in driving immediate actions on the shop floor as well as for continuous process improvement.

Asset and Workforce Performance (APM)

Smart Manufacturing enables to get more out of your most valuable assets, such as workforce, process equipment, machinery and storage pace. Setting up the right KPIs for assets is followed by transparent measurement, visualization and reporting of the asset – driving both immediate actions as well as continuous improvement and preventive maintenance to boost asset performance and availability.

Warehouse and Intralogistics (WMS)

Efficient warehouse and seamless synchronization of intralogistics with any manufacturing operations is extremely important in all Smart Factory initiatives. High-performance receiving, collection, picking and putaway as well as optimized intralogistics scheduling, routing and execution enable higher throughput and lower total costs.

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