Our customers operate on every continent - even in the Antarctic

Our broad customer base includes a vast array of successful, growth-oriented companies that operate both in Finland and globally. Most of our customers are in the manufacturing industry or in related areas, such as in intralogistics, service and maintenance business, or project business. We are proud of our customers who have chosen us as their profitability partner, and for the solutions that we have developed together!

Many companies today operate on a global scale and have subcontractor networks expanding several countries. In such an operating environment, an essential key to success is the cost-efficient and timely control of information and material and cash flows. That is our expertise. Below you can read more about our industry expertise and customer cases and how we have together succeeded in our common development projects.


Food and beverage industry

Recipes for success


The competition in the food and beverage industry is among the toughest in the world. When looking for a competitive edge in the food processing business, the areas that should be raised to the center of your production strategy are digitalization and the development of information management, as well as a culture of continuous improvement. Our best recipes for success have been developed together with our valued customers who never compromise quality.


Technology industry

New dimensions of information


Technology industry is becoming ever more globalized and networked, striving for more extensive collaboration and networking. The most successful companies are able to manage information in multiple dimensions. Digitalization affects daily management in a comprehensive way, as the change touches upon all operations of the company. Managing this change is our expertise.


Supply chain

Aiming for the optimal material flow


As the production volumes and the number of product variants increase, the optimization of movement and the use of space become ever more essential. Every mistake, delay and unnecessary touch cause fractions in the material flow and, eventually, have a detrimental effect on customer experience. Modern logistics solutions improve productivity and enable a healthy working environment and varying work tasks.

Selected customers