Roima's business is based on long-term partnerships with our customers that deliver measurable added value to end users.

Our broad customer base includes a vast array of successful, growth-oriented companies in industry and logistics, operating both in Europe and globally.

Roima is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for industry and logistics. We particularly serve logistics, machinery and equipment manufacturers, manufacturing and related supply chains. Hundreds of our leading experts already serve over 300 companies in Europe, from small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises. Many of our customers operate on a global scale and have subcontractor networks expanding several countries.


Valmet Automotive

''Roima Intelligence is not only a partner but an elemental part of our plant''


Lumene Oy

''Roima’s cloud service will help us improve our packaging line efficiency by allowing us to use performance indicators and root cause analysis tools in our daily management activities.''


Refresco Finland Oy

''To make the supply chain more transparent, Roima's solution provides a special labelling application that facilitates monitoring of individual products and greatly improves traceability.''


Barona Varastopalvelut

''We were looking for a partner who could offer us an agile, efficient and modern WMS as well as good integration capability. Therefore, we launched a WMS development project together with Roima.''


Sarlin Oy Ab

''When monitoring this, we found that invoicing times have indeed reduced dramatically with the new system''


Wipak Group

''Roima professionals were extremely committed, and nothing was impossible for them. I have seen very few projects where a supplier has been able to collaborate as Roima did.''



''This system does exactly what we need. It made producing these kinds of floors possible on an industrial scale.''


Spendrups Bryggeri AB

''Simpler warehouse administration gives us the possibility to use the same amount of resources more efficiently in order to handle increasing volumes.''


Maskun Kalustetalo

''Well-reasoned ROI calculation convinced our management team and the investment was given green light.''

Andritz featured


''Roima delivered a comprehensive MES roadmap documentation based on ISA-95 standard. With Roima’s excellent and committed assistance, we verified our objectives, clarified our scope, and enhanced our strategic future vision regarding MES systems.''

photo of Valon Kone professionals at work

Valon Kone

''At first, we tried to fine-tune our processes on our own, but after a while, we realized that we need help.''



''Own warehouse is important for Airam, as we want to ensure delivery capability and good customer service. The ROIWalk consultancy service offered us a clear picture of the current state and development targets of our warehouse.''



''As part of integrating two ERP systems, a total of 100,000 items were analyzed and harmonized to meet the needs of our business.''



''A good ERP system is like a well-functioning dishwasher at home; dirty dishes become clean. The ease of running everyday affairs is important.''

picture of Mika Vihavainen, Nextrom

Rosendahl Nextrom

''We’ve managed our product information with Roima’s solution for almost 15 years. Items, product structures, delivery book, projects, and the related customers and documents are all available in the system.''



''What sets Roima apart from its competitors is the company’s responsiveness to problems and the ability to find solutions tailored for Nedap’s needs.''

Beneq Oy


''Thanks to a functional product data management system, we always know exactly what has been delivered to each customer.''



''Our operations have become noticeably more efficient by all indicators: Lead times have dropped by 32%, electronic invoicing has grown from 16% to 51%, and the efficiency of service operations has increased.''


STERIS Finn-Aqua

''No more dispersed project documentation. We bring all the delivery project documentation into Roima’s system and enable it to be downloaded with ‘a few clicks of the mouse'.''


LKI Käldman

''Roima’s system adapts to our extending operations and supports controlled growth. The solution lives in every process of our company, form quotations to service business.''


Transval Industrial Services

''An important element was the readiness of the Roima representatives to discuss our business processes and needs on different levels of our organization.''


Carrus Delta

''Roima's solution intensifies our production and resource planning.''


Marel Red Meat Slaughtering B.V

''It improves complete value chains in the company when we provide engineers with the right tools to make better and smarter 3D models.''

Kirami - Roima customer


''Roima’s solution has saved us time, effort and money.''



''Roima enabled a quick schedule for our MES project roadmap. Roima also enabled us to find the competitive solutions for our MES needs.''

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