Manufacturing industry is returning to Europe

Our vision is to enhance and boost European production together with our customers to bring manufacturing industry back to Europe, stronger and more advanced than ever. High-skilled production reduces unit costs, diminishes the role of cheap labor and reshores some of the jobs back to Europe in the form of expert positions.

We boost productivity through innovative automation solutions, intelligent use of technology, and continuous improvement. By investing in these, European companies and hence Europe will remain competitive and robust, the employment rate high, and gross domestic product (GDP) on the rise.

In order to achieve our vision, we have translated it into values that guide us in our everyday work. At the heart of everything is the competitiveness of our customers.


Transparency is the foundation of trust. Consumers can make informed and safe decisions when the origin of the product is known and all product information is in order. The control of production processes can be made transparent through the use of a shared system. Transparent data increases production efficiency: bottlenecks can be identified more quickly and addressed without delay.

The sharing and consolidation of data is a challenge for many companies. In networked production, all product data must be accurate, up to date and easily available to all parties of the supply network. We have a solution that brings transparency to the entire order-delivery chain: to the saving, management and sharing of information throughout the entire product lifecycle.

We at Roima use our own systems, too, to ensure that information is transparent across our organization and we can offer our customers reliable, high-quality service.


In a developing economy, the importance of ethical values is emphasized. It is no longer enough to ensure that the operations of your own company can stand public scrutiny – instead, production must be responsible across the entire network, at each stage of the chain.

We support our customers in monitoring the responsibility of manufacturing. The big picture is easy to manage when approved suppliers, audits, requirements, dates and periods of validity are all in one place, clearly and easily available to all who need them.

We at Roima favor local European products and take responsibility for the information security of both our own employees and our customers.


At the heart of all change is human. Future workers are multi-skilled talents who want and are able to develop the company’s processes, find meaning in their work and are committed to the company goals. The company blossoms when the performance of the organization is high and the work is meaningful both mentally and physically.

At Roima, we help our customers by developing compatible, easy-to-use information systems and by offering professional services that increase work efficiency and reduce routine work. A person who is satisfied with their job is a good colleague; that is why we have our hearts in the well-being of our employees. We invest in internal career development by encouraging Roimians to develop their strengths and to find the most meaningful work tasks for themselves. Roima’s many locations also allow our employees to work at the office closest to their home.


The decision to keep up with the development requires investments but can, over the long haul, also save money and boost your competitiveness. The continuous improvement of processes is the key to the growth and profitability of our customers. That is the driving force behind all our collaboration projects.

We want to live as we preach. Therefore, we continuously improve our own processes as well and invest in customer experience. We want to offer the best possible service and expertise which will add value to our customers’ businesses. This is what we call Roima Experience.