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Online shops

RoimaCloud provides all the functions you need for successful e-commerce logistics, from procurement to transportation, warehousing, picking and distribution. By integrating your online shop with the cloud, you can manage your multi-channel distribution in an optimized way, shipping orders either from a retail store, warehouse, or supplier according to situation.

By integrating your online shop with RoimaCloud, you can control your logistics and business activities according to the needs of your customers. Fast-turnover products can be stored either in your own warehouse or in a service warehouse of a logistics service provider, where products are quickly available for delivery at all times. A service warehouse can use either RoimaCloud’s warehouse application, or its own warehouse management system integrated into the cloud solution. In case of less frequently ordered products, orders can be automatically transmitted to the relevant supplier to be delivered with the selected delivery method, which ensures that capital is not tied up in inventories.

If your company has a brick and mortar store, orders can also be directed there, and the store can pick and deliver the products using the cloud’s in-store picking application. Upon need, the end customer can track the progress of their order online.

The cloud also provides efficient procurement tools and reliable connections to your suppliers. Moreover, with the cloud’s analytics tools, you can monitor and analyze the behavior of your customers and control your logistics costs.


Retail stores

Retail stores, chain stores and franchisees can intelligently control the flow of orders, returns, anomalies, deliveries and invoices in a single network consisting of an online shop, drop shipping, central warehouses and other retail stores.

RoimaCloud provides ready solutions for the needs of retail stores, whether a single store, a strictly managed chain of stores, or a franchisee. Any operating retail store should already have existing point-of-sale (POS) systems and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. RoimaCloud is integrated between these so that no existing packaged software need to be customized; instead, new functionalities can be easily implemented from the cloud as necessary.

One example is a sample item in a retail store: When the customer decides to purchase the product after seeing the sample in the store, the order is entered in the cloud and forwarded automatically to the supplier; a small supplier can use the supplier portal directly, and large companies can receive the information via flexible integration solutions. All transactions with the supplier are automatic and paperless, including invoicing. The information is updated into the retail store’s ERP system.

Other possible solutions include centralized purchasing, whereby the orders of retail stores are consolidated and ordered centrally from the supplier. In the same way, you can match purchase invoices from suppliers directly to the retail stores’ orders, and invoice the stores.

The cloud also provides comprehensive solutions for logistics control. The delivery of goods can be directed either directly to retail stores, through a central warehouse as consolidated shipments, or directly to the customer. The orders can be shipped either from your own warehouse, a partner’s service warehouse or a supplier’s warehouse.

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For retail store suppliers, RoimaCloud offers a unique network for building a value chain. Even the smallest market players can easily and cost-effectively manage their orders, deliveries and invoicing through the cloud with a flexible selection of functions and integration capabilities.

At its simplest, suppliers can publish their product catalogs in the cloud for online stores to sell. Once orders start rolling in, all business with partners can be done digitally through the portal, including invoicing. Even as the business expands, the supplier can network through the cloud, thanks to the flexible selection of functions and integration capabilities.

Suppliers that have electronic connections to their distributors can join the cloud and do business with smaller retail stores electronically through the portal. According to need, it is also possible to implement solutions for Transport Management and Warehouse and Materials Management.

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