Before leaving to our well-deserved summer vacations we had our Summer Day with the biggest attendance yet! Roima people gathered in Espoo, where we spent the morning in workshops where we shared thoughts about the future Roima development projects, Roima image and other future visions. After the intellectual tasks we headed to Esport Arena for out-door activities and a ”friendly” game of floorball.
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The aftermath of the games started as soon as we headed to dinner, even though the blue team was supreme and won every game. The dinner was served at Tommi´s Kitchen where we were catered with cold”sports” drinks and amazing food.
The evening continued pleasantly and finally we had a chance to talk to our remote office colleagues. In addition to rewarding the winning blue team, the best workshop idea was also elected and awarded too. The best was still the chance to meet and converse with our remote colleagues around Finland and with that everybody left as a winner after the Summer Day.
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But as always the aftermath of the sporting event goes on and already there are whispers in the Roima hallways about the next event….