Work – Life balance is needed so to blow off some steam Roima staff competed in a “friendly” game of beachvolley. Last time we competed on ice and now we enjoyed some sand under our feet. The teams were divided in our coffee break and two blue and two white teams were formed. After this the pre-game was on and people were trying to remember how to play like the boys in the 80s cult classic movie Top Gun.20151016_130846147_iOS
Before the teams were let loose, we had a pep-talk from our coach, who said that the best results are seen when the team members enjoy approximately 2-8 servings of undisclosed brown liquid.


Exactly 16.15 UTC+3, the clash of the titans began. At first the fighting was even, but quickly the loose sand began to take its toll and the supremacy of the white teams began to show.
After two hours the scores were clear and on the board.

  1. White team 2
  2. White team 1
  3. Blue team 1
  4. Blue team 2

After the game we transported ourselves from the beach volley arena to the centre of Helsinki for an after-game sauna. The winning team had their champagne showers and the rest of us looked poorly with some consolation beers in our hands.
The aftermath is now over with and we are gazing towards the next event. The surface is still open but after ice and sand something new has to come!