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Now you can have all features of advanced Product Data Management at your disposal, also as a SaaS service – without new investments in equipment and without system maintenance!

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Get exactly what you need

The productized RoimaCloud Aton service is easy to implement; simply select the package that best suits your needs, and you can start right away.

If you wish, you can implement more functionalities or grant access rights to new people. RoimaCloud Aton allows for great flexibility according to situation and need!

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Software as a Service (SaaS) brings many benefits


  • Low upfront costst of purchase and installation
  • Only pay for what you need according to the number of users
  • Predictable monthly costs without significant annual fluctuation


  • Easy to scale the use to several sites, even different continents
  • Flexibility in case of temporary users
  • Free definition of user rights


  • Quick implementation without the need to purchase new servers or set up a new environment
  • Supplier takes responsibility for the system maintenance, freeing up your own resources


  • Integratable to other systems
  • Standard server environment enables good usability of the software
  • The newest software version always at your disposal
  • Data backup procedures ensure safety
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How about the management of engineering data? To meet the needs of engineers, we developed a PDM system that is integrated into CAD environment to ensure that all models, structures and drawings produced and handled by engineers are available in a shared system and that you know you are always working on the latest available version.

Up-to-date product data is also required by your enterprise resource planning system. That is why it is best to create items in the PDM system already during the product design phase to ensure that product information is in perfect shape all the way from engineering to manufacturing and even after it, throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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