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The entire information flow of your supply chain in one place

For companies of today, a well-orchestrated supply chain has become a crucial success factor and a key source of competitive advantage – in retail, services, and industry alike. In order to succeed in the ever-tougher competition, companies need to be able to monitor and optimize their supply chain operations as efficiently and as close to real time as possible.

When the supply chain is under control, you can offer better customer service and deliver on your promises. This calls for full transparency to all relevant parts of the supply chain, as well as the ability to efficiently manage the huge information flow and identify the things that should be focused on. When the supply chain is well-managed, it can also be automatized.

To achieve efficient and effective supply chain management, the necessary processes must first be digitalized. After that, all data generated through the digitalized process can be tapped into to create new and valuable information. The best results are achieved through centralized collection and compilation of data.

RoimaCloud Control Tower is a tool designed specifically for that purpose. With RoimaCloud Control Tower, you can monitor your supply chain processes in real time and efficiently collect and utilize data in multiple ways.

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Add transparency to your supply chain with an effective solution platform

  • Effective and scalable solution platform
  • Real-time data integration to and from networks and systems
  • Possibility to process and utilize data in multiple ways
  • Visualization of data in a dedicated user interface
  • Data sharing (e.g. back to ERP, or to other visualization or reporting tools)
  • Notification and alarm functionalities based on freely specified customer-specific rules

Focus on the essentials

In the face of the increasingly fierce competition, it is crucial to be able to efficiently manage the huge information flow and identify critical events that call for action. This holds true for retail, services, and industry alike.

RoimaCloud Control Tower helps to efficiently process your entire information flow and identify the events that are important to your business. To ensure this, the solution allows you to define your own identification rules; these can be related to, for example, some expected event taking or not taking place. All events identified based on the defined rules are recorded in the system and can be further shared to other systems or used to create automatic text message or email alerts.

Harness the power of your information flow

With the help of RoimaCloud Control Tower, you can tap into the information obtained from your logistics operations to optimize your supply chain and to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Process monitoring

    Through real-time process monitoring, you can achieve transparency that will allow you to efficiently control the processes and identify possible challenges and opportunities manually

  • Deviation management

    Detect significant deviations quickly to enable proactive response. Do not wait for a disappointed customer to contact you about a no-show delivery – instead, keep yourself and your customers up to date on the progress of deliveries and inform customers about delays in advance. Better service and improved customer satisfaction!

  • Supplier management

    Monitor the performance of your suppliers in real time, be they suppliers of goods or services, transportation companies, or other type of suppliers. Based on the gathered data, you can better control your suppliers, all the way down to day level, and optimize supplier contracts to meet real-life needs.

  • Better planning based on actual data

    Plan your operations using real-time actual data. For example, actual data from production or transportation create a solid foundation for future executions and optimization.

  • Real-time information to the staff

    Share real-time information internally within your organization through dedicated or shared digital dashboards.

  • Keep your customers up to date

    Improve customer satisfaction by keeping your customers informed and providing them with convenient ways to independently monitor the progress of their orders in real time.

Standard and customized solutions

We offer the following standard RoimaCloud Control Tower implementations:
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    Transport tracking

    Tracking and tracing of road and sea freight, including the KPI monitoring of deviations and transport companies.

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    Procurement monitoring

    Monitoring of procurement activities, including both basic monitoring and customizable monitoring features according to your needs.

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    Monitoring of warehouse operations

    Warehouse monitoring for your warehouse management personnel, sales team, and customers.

In addition to standard implementations, we offer the opportunity to build customized monitoring functionalities either as part of the implementation project or as a separate project.

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