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Procurement operations face a host of challenges every day, such as a vast number of different suppliers, massive catalogs, maverick buying that doesn’t adhere to established procurement processes, over-centralized procurement activities, slow and error-prone manual processes, scattered data, and limited visibility to procurement costs. Often, companies try to manage these challenges with a procurement tool whose role, in practice, is to ensure that the company would buy less, pay less, automatize and enhance its processes, and raise the level of transparency and manageability. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system offers limited tools for this, so some additional tools are needed to support it.

RoimaCloud Procurement has been built with these challenges in mind. It is not meant to serve as an all-embracing procurement system but instead to support an ERP system that serves as the central process engine in procurement. The ERP system continues to take care of direct purchases, while RoimaCloud Procurement takes control of decentralized procurement and indirect purchases. RoimaCloud Procurement also helps to minimize maverick buying by addressing its root cause, namely limited support for indirect purchases. RoimaCloud Procurement offers easy-to-use user interfaces for indirect purchases, removing the need to bypass the official procurement process. RoimaCloud Procurement integrates seamlessly to the basic procurement process of your ERP system, whether SAP, MS Dynamics, or some other similar system.

To support your digital procurement

RoimaCloud Procurement offers comprehensive features to support the digitalization of your procurement:
  • Online shop type of web user interface

    • Efficient product searches across all catalogs within the user’s access rights
    • Shopping cart-based ordering from all catalogs within the user’s access rights
    • Possibility to add extensive product and service catalogs from different suppliers and limit access as appropriate
  • Mobile access anywhere and anytime

    • Easy-to-use mobile user interface to make purchases whenever and wherever you need to
  • Customizable procurement processes for your needs, including:

    • Different order placement methods, such as catalog orders, free text orders, commissions, and punch-out orders
    • Ordering rights according to cost centers
    • Approval process rules according to cost centers and set monetary limits
    • Decentralized or centralized receiving according to need
    • Etc.
  • Integrations to suppliers

    • Integrations to suppliers either digitally or via email
  • System integrations

    • Integrations to other systems, such as ERP systems
  • More automated invoice processing

    • Integrations to invoicing systems and, hence, improved invoice processing rate
  • Efficient management of price lists

    • Agreement-specific price lists and price list maintenance for price optimization
procurement process

Easy procurement solution for your entire organization

RoimaCloud Procurement is well suited for the following sectors:

  • Municipalities and public administration
  • Real-estate services
  • Construction industry
  • Other services

RoimaCloud Procurement is readily integrated to RoimaCloud Control Tower solution, enabling detailed monitoring of procurement transactions and immediate response to possible deviations and misconduct.

  • Minimize maverick spending

    Provide your employees with an easy way to make purchases without having to use their personal credit cards or bypass the approved procurement process

  • Decentralize procurement in a controlled way

    Provide your entire organization with the possibility to make purchases within their access and ordering rights, through an appropriate approval process

  • Outsource the maintenance of catalogs

    Let your suppliers maintain their own catalogs, either through the user interface or through an integration. The system always keeps you informed of any changes to the catalogs.

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