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Digital transport network at your disposal

Transportation management has its challenges, both in inbound and outbound logistics. Once dispatched, deliveries often seem to disappear in a kind of black hole and hide in there until they eventually arrive at their destination. While most deliveries do arrive at their final destination on time, sometimes they simply disappear, and finding more detailed information on their whereabouts is often quite a challenge.

There are several root causes for this. One of them is that traceability is often lost immediately after the transport order has been placed, as – still today – many orders are placed by email or phone. By digitally connecting with transport companies, you can dramatically improve traceability, ensuring that all pickups and deliveries will get recorded, and usually also other significant events along the way.

Transport operations involve many variables that need to be taken into account when embarking on a digitalization journey. A transport chain often involves several players that each have their own ways of working and different IT capabilities. Therefore, digitalization should offer companies different kinds of channels to network with each other and provide added value to all the different parties involved. For the principal company, this added value often resides in enhanced transparency and in digitalization per se, while big transportation companies gain benefits from improved process integration, and smaller companies from the growing customer networks and new tools.

Take your transportation activities into digital age

RoimaCloud Transport offers comprehensive features to help you digitalize your transport business:

  • Extensive and constantly expanding global transport network on land, at sea, and in the air
  • Capability to integrate with transport companies
  • A portal that can be used by both the principal company and transportation companies
  • An easy-to-use mobile user interface to ensure visibility during transportation
  • Advanced mobile user interface for route optimization and guidance
  • Public Track & Trace portal for transport status monitoring (for customers)
  • Document generation and management, e.g. to maintain records as mandated by regulatory authorities

Message Monitor, a tool for monitoring digital communications (to support IT)

distribution of product information to different channels

Easy integration to your systems

The basic principle of RoimaCloud Transport is based on integrations that transmit transport orders and related confirmations and status updates. These integrations have been built with the help of a so-called canonical data model. In practice, this means that you only need to integrate to RoimaCloud Transport once, after which you will have access to both your current and future transport companies. It is recommended to build the integration to an enterprise resource planning system (such as SAP, MS Dynamics, or similar) which serves as the place for creating transport orders and receives all the related status information. Upon need, however, the source can also be some other system, such as a transportation management system (TMS) or some other planning system.

Global transportation network at your service

Roima has strategic cooperation with Consignor (road transportation) and INTTRA (sea freight). Through these partnerships, we can provide you with access to an extensive global transport network. Moreover, should you not find a suitable transportation company within the network, we can connect new ones to it – we provide this option, just like the entire solution, as a service. We will extend our network as necessary, for example, through new partnerships. Give us a call to discuss how we can best serve your needs!

Unlock the full potential of your network

RoimaCloud Transport offers comprehensive solutions for all the different parties of your network:
  • Shipper companies

    Digital delivery of transport orders and status information

    Delivery status monitoring through a portal

  • Transportation companies

    Digital receiving of transport orders

    Digital delivery of transport order status information

    Updating of transport order data through a portal or mobile user interface

  • End customers

    Delivery status monitoring through a public Track & Trace portal

Quick standard implementations

We offer the following standard RoimaCloud Transport implementations:
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    Road transportation

    Digital delivery of transport orders and their status information

    Delivery status monitoring and updates through a portal

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    Sea freight

    Digital delivery of transport orders, status information and shipping instructions

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    Air freight

    Digital delivery of transport orders, status information and shipping instructions

RoimaCloud Transport provides ready connections to RoimaCloud Control Tower solution which allows you to monitor your deliveries in more detail, even automatically upon need.

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