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Growing your service business, differentiating products from competitors, increasing the accuracy of your product margin calculations or increasing the cost effectiveness and flexibility of your production processes call for a new kind of approach to traditional business.

We have experience of how companies can improve their ROI using modern business models and solutions, even in traditional industries.

We have helped our customers create new business models, improve their customer service, ensure business continuity, optimize their production and enhance quality. Roima Roadmap is the perfect solution when you want to verify the development steps and technology choices you’ve made and ensure the continuity of your businesstuo – or if you want to specify requirements for a completely new comprehensive manufacturing execution system. RoimaService PreStudy is also the way forward when you want to start thinking about new business models, such as digital services employing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Examples of RoimaService PreStudy projects

  • Mapping the possibilities of employing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as part of a your service business strategy
  • Risk analysis of your existing systems and supply chain, ensuring business continuity, survey of suppliers, and a development plan for the future
  • Report on the strategy, business model and delivery models of the selected development area for technology vendors
  • A comprehensive system requirement specification, RFP documentation and technology and platform options for a component manufacturer
  • For a customer in the process industry: Mapping of the manufacturing processes, a development plan, and MES system specification
  • Requirement and technology specification for an OEE measurement system

We at Roima truly understand the industrial environment, with all its challenges and opportunities. We always recommend the business models, processes, solutions and technologies that best serve the unique needs of our customers, based on the requirements set by their products and modes of operation.

RoimaService PreStudy does not bind You to us – but provides you with excellent foundation to make a leap in your business development!

Customer case

“With the help of Roima, we have been able to strengthen our competitiveness significantly.”

Mika Puustinen
IT Manager, Valio

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