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When it comes to material and resource efficiency, an improvement of even a single percentage point can have a significant effect on the financial result of your company. The Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) functionalities of RoimaSoftware Lean System have been developed with special focus on usability to help you improve your production efficiency and productivity.

RoimaSoftware Lean System facilitates the quick execution of orders on the shop floor and adds transparency to the different stages of the supply chain. With the help of visual production planning (Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS) and paperless manufacturing execution (MES) on the shop floor, you can reduce duplicate work and wasted time, as well as shorten lead times and cut production costs, as resources and materials are used more efficiently.

Roima’s MOM solution can be extended according to your needs with different functionalities, such as IoT-based collection of production equipment data, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation and reporting, and material flow management. Combined with RoimaSoftware Lean System’s comprehensive enterprise resource planning features, you can avoid integrations and data transfers between separate systems, making the information management of production and operations quick and transparent across the entire company. The systems can be built customer-specifically of necessary modules and compatible parts to create a solution that perfectly meets the unique needs of your company.

Solution tailored for your needs

Every manufacturing operations management solution is specifically tailored for each customer’s environment to meet their unique needs and production processes. This provides the possibility for versatilely modifiable functionalities for production planning, quality control and shop floor control.

Production Planning (APS)

RoimaSoftware Lean System provides graphical tools for production planning. With the tools’ visual user interfaces, production planners can easily evaluate the feasibility of alternative plans using simulation and publish the best one as the approved production plan.

RoimaSoftware Lean System provides two alternative production planning tools, each optimized for different types of planning: Process Balancer and Works Balancer.

Process Balancer is an efficient tool for the planning of recurring production, helping production planners to create a production plan that meets various optimization criteria, such as equipment and personnel capacity and the sufficiency of materials and warehouse space. Process Balancer is most often used for the planning and control in the process industry and similar environments.

Works Balancer is a tool for the controlling of work operations and resources in machine shop production. Works Balancer presents information related to work structures and load situation visually and in an easily digestible format, and offers good tools for the scheduling of works and solving load balancing problems. Works Balancer is particularly useful in the planning and control of production involving multiple work operations.

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Manufacturing Execution (MES)

RoimaSoftware Lean System offers a complete shop floor control system developed especially for the needs of manufacturing personnel, with special focus on usability and user-friendliness, intuitiveness, and controllability in accordance with manufacturing and quality processes. The system views can be optimized customer-specifically according to the tasks of each workstation and user, ensuring that users only see information and functionalities that are relevant for them – exactly at the right moment, and even on touchscreen devices.

With Roima’s manufacturing execution solution, you can use your resources more efficiently, add transparency to the processes, and thus enhance your overall efficiency and profitability. The solution allows for easy and intuitive shop floor control while seamlessly supporting quality systems and flexibly adapting to different kinds of manufacturing processes.

Roima’s MOM solution also supports the supervision of production workers and decision-making. For instance, production station work queues are updated according to production plans in real time, and the progress of operations can be tracked through completion notices, and material picking requests can be created directly at the workstations at exactly the right moment. At the same time, time reporting entries as well as quality and measurement data can be collected directly from workstations and monitored and analyzed by the supervisors in real time. Thanks to its visual and intuitive user interface, Roima’s MOM solution is also very easy and quick to learn and operate, even for temporary agency workers.

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Warehouse and Material Flow Management (WMS)

RoimaSoftware Lean System’s warehouse management functionalities include the management of warehouses and warehouse locations, inventory balances, stocktaking, and internal as well as inter-warehouse transactions. Roima’s mobile warehouse management solution RoimaSoftware Lean System MatFlow offers a unified solution for the management of material flows and for improving your intralogistics efficiency on the spot.

With the help of material flow control based on the pull principle, workstation staff can order materials to be delivered just in time. Moreover, when all warehouse transactions are recorded with an easy-to-use mobile tool, all information is always up to date and available – anywhere, any time. The MatFlow mobile solution integrates seamlessly with RoimaSoftware Lean System and can be used via a browser on any device.

RoimaSoftware Lean System’s comprehensive warehouse and material management functionalities include real-time warehouse management and continuous stocktaking, as well the management of multiple warehouses in different geographic locations and the transportation between them.

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Digital Quality Management (DQM)

Companies are facing increasing customer demands for traceability and material certificates. The Digital Quality Management (DQM) solution of RoimaSoftware Lean System offers a complete toolset for quality data recording and quality monitoring, allowing full traceability even at the level of individual products. Different types of measurement, traceability and other quality data can be collected directly at workstations as an integral part of the production process. Quality deviations can be reported through several parts of the system, and the reports can be further processed to generate supplier feedback. In addition, customer feedback can be recorded in the system for further processing.

According to your wishes, Roima’s DQM solution can also collect various measurement and test results on manufactured products, received materials, and deliveries. Moreover, data can be collected from different types of analyzers. The collection of traceability data enables quality control reporting, and measurement data collected as part of quality management can also be utilized as part of Statistical Process Control (SPC).

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