Receiving and put-away

Receiving is the most important phase of warehouse operations and needs to be done with care. A mistake made in receiving can have far-reaching effects, causing extra work and movement in the next phases and having a detrimental effect on the overall efficiency of the warehouse. That is why it is crucial to make sure that the receiving process in your warehouse runs smoothly and without mistakes.

Storage and warehouse support functions

Storage and warehouse support functions are the core of the entire warehouse process. It is crucial to ensure that storage is performed in an optimal way in view of other warehouse processes.The management of automated warehouse solutions and integrations to them is especially important in environments where efficiency is pursued through investments in automation.

With Roima’s solution, you can achieve 100% traceability, efficient warehouse optimization and overall process control, including different kinds of automation solutions.


Picking and shipping functions

Picking is often the part of the process where most of the warehouse’s workforce is tied up.

The efficient optimization and control of picking functions is our expertise. Roima’s solution guides the users through the different steps in a visual way, freeing up more time for the actual picking and thus increasing the efficiency of the warehouse and making the introduction of new employees much easier. In addition, the number of errors is reduced, as the necessary inspections are completed under the system’s guidance.

After picking, the possible combining and packaging functions, as well as marking and shipping, are also performed according to the system’s instructions.


Reporting and monitoring

Today, good reporting features and monitoring possibilities are standard functions. Roima offers good tools for processing and presenting information in real time. Thus, basic reporting has in practice often been replaced by the use of a graphic warehouse layout management tool and monitoring functions, both delivered as standard features.

Monitoring offers a visual way to present real-time data essential for efficient warehouse control, collected directly from the shop floor. With carefully chosen variables and Dashboard metrics, monitoring enables proactive and efficient operations on the shop floor.



Our experience has shown that each operating environment has its own, unique operations that can be optimized to achieve and strengthen a competitive advantage.

Customer case

Spare part warehouse control – Transval Industrial Services

”With the help of the new control solution, we are able to grow in a controlled manner and to enhance the efficiency and quality of our operations.”

Jussi-Pekka Hoskari,
Business Director, Industrial Services
Transval Teollisuuspalvelut

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