A glimpse of nature entirely different from what I have seen back home.

The weekend began with adventure. The scenic view from the bus to Helsinki and Tampere was like a landscape that I had only seen in postcards till now.
The sauna – followed by dip into the icy cold water – was something that I had only heard of and watched on Discovery. As amusing as I found it, little did I imagine experiencing this first hand.

We were fortunate to have Jussi invite us to a weekend at Tampere.

Jussi and Peppi ensured we would have a memorable time. After we shopped at the local store for the weekend; we drove to Jussi’s cabin in Vesilahti, on our way we recharged our batteries at Makasiini, a cosy little pizzeria, and then got to the main event of the evening.  We then made a snowman and shot the little fella with a potato gun. Wasn’t as easy as Jussi made it look. 🙂

Each one of us tried our hands at cutting into a block of ice which later served as the pool for us to cool down after a rejuvenating sauna.

Alternating between the hot sauna and back braking ice cold pool was an adrenaline rush- an experience so surreal.

The evening came to a close but not before we downed a couple of beers and whisky and chitchatted a little while absorbing the serenity of the environment.

On Sunday, we tried fishing in the biting cold but we were out of luck.

Jussi and Peppi explained and helped us ski on the beginners slope and then left us to practice.

We went to a Mountain called Mustavuori, also known as the black mountain.  At first, Pratik, Shinto & I struggled to ski down the slope. After a couple of falls we did manage to ski (if we may call it, I shall leave Jussi and Peppi to judge that)
What started as an adventure, ended as an escapade. That of course is Pratik’s story to tell. 😉

Skiing on the other hand was more productive and fun than fishing.

To sum up the weekend: A Brilliant welcome to Finland. Looking forward to the excitement this Exotic Country has to offer.  Jussi & Peppi, once again, Thank you.
Antony Manjiyil