Product Digital Thread

Innovations for Manufacturing Success

Roima’s Digital Solutions supports manufacturers across the entire product lifecycle with innovative solutions, optimizing processes for efficiency and sustainable growth.

Unlocking the power of Roima’s Digital Thread solutions

Roima offers an integrated ecosystem of solutions that streamlines processes and ensures a connected data flow throughout the entire product lifecycle. The products can function independently or synergize effectively when combined under The Roima Wire, intertwining them through shared data and collaboration.

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What is the Product Digital Twin?

The product digital thread for Discrete Manufacturers is a connected data flow that integrates information across the entire lifecycle of a product, from design and production to maintenance and decommissioning.

This ensures real-time, seamless data exchange between various systems and stakeholders, enhancing visibility and collaboration. By providing a comprehensive, data-driven view, it improves product quality, reduces time-to-market, and drives innovation, which are crucial for manufacturers to stay competitive and meet customer demands efficiently.

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Return on investment for Manufacturing advantage

The Digital Thread

Reshaping data management for sustainable success and staying ahead in the dynamic landscape requires embracing innovative approaches. Manufactures worldwide benefit from adopting the revolutionary concept of the Product Digital Thread.

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Streamlining the stages in the Product Lifecycle

Roima’s Digital Solutions supports manufacturers across the entire product lifecycle with innovative solutions, optimizing processes for efficiency and sustainable growth.

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Effektiv produktlivscyklushåndtering med realtidsdata, samarbejdsværktøjer og integrationsmuligheder for effektiv, kvalitetspræget produktudvikling.

FidaWare WMS

Kraftfuldt SaaS-værktøj til effektiv intralogistik og lagerdrift

Lean System

Modulær ERP forbedrer industriel effektivitet med realtidsdata, fleksibel planlægning og cloud-/on-premises-implementering.


All-in-one platform til styring af lager og automation

Parttrap® ONE

B2B e-handelsplatform for producenter og distributører.


Integrated Business Planning-løsning, designet til at hjælpe dig med at navigere i hastige ændringer i din virksomhed og profitabelt styre din forsyningskæde.

Benefits in adopting the Digital Thread

Manufacturers adopting the Digital Thread gain improved decision-making with real-time data access, enhancing operational efficiency and quality control while reducing errors. It fosters innovation and collaboration, driving growth and market leadership. Moreover, cost efficiency is achieved by minimizing defects and preventing rework, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced visibility and transparency

Roima's digital thread offers real-time visibility across the entire product lifecycle, enabling stakeholders to track processes, identify limitations, and make timely decisions. This transparency enables organizations to optimize operations for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Seamless collaboration

With Roima you can break down data silos and foster teamwork across departments with centralized data and communication channels, accelerating innovation and achieving alignment.

Optimized efficiency and productivity

By adopting the digital thread, you can automate workflows and integrate systems to streamline operations, reduce errors, and maximizing resource utilization for cost-effective outcomes.

Quality and compliance

With Roima you can maintain product quality and meet regulatory standards at every stage of the lifecycle, safeguarding brand reputation but also your customer satisfaction.


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