Digital Supply Chain Platform

Supply chain platform enabling unmatched supply chain and ESG optimization

Cutting-edge Supply Chain Planning Solution​

Powerful and fully modularized Integrated Business Planning suite combining supply chain, financial outlook and ESG​

Navigate rapid changes. Optimize and grow. Transform planning.

Integrated Business Planning solution designed to help you navigate changes in your business and profitably manage your Supply Chain.

PERITO IBP consists of several vital modules that create a holistic planning flow in the supply chain. Through the combination of the modules in the solution, every issue in the supply chain can be addressed. All in all the most holistic and up-to-date way to manage your Supply Chain Planning.

Take a tour around the elements in our solution on the left and reach out to learn more about how the PERITO IBP solution can help your company.

Why choose PERITO IBP?​

Integrated end-to-end IBP suite​

Powerful and fully modularized business planning suite combining supply chain and financial outlook.

Data-driven bottom-up approach​

Data-driven in everything we do. Decision based on facts and not gut feelings​.

World-class inventory optimization​

Reduce inventories and working capital using one of the world’s most accurate methods for optimizing stock levels​.

Deep supply chain expertise​

Applies the operational expertise of highly skilled and experienced industry experts​.

Data-driven implementation approach​

Using a full-scope analytical approach to determine the best solution and setup​.

Unique offering​

Only IBP provider in the Nordics that offers differentiated managed services​.


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