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Concurrent supply chain planning

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution designed to help you navigate changes in your business and profitably manage your supply chain. PERITO IBP consists of several vital modules that create a holistic planning flow in the supply chain. Combining the modules in the solution, every issue in the supply chain can be addressed in the most holistic and up-to-date ways to manage your supply chain planning.

7 modules in PERITO IBP

PERITO IBP is a powerful modularized planning suite combining supply chain with financial outlook and optimization. The seven modules are as follows

Demand planning

Reduce time spent forecasting through state-of-the-art demand prediction to create the demand planning your organization will trust. Includes many features like demand prediction, product segmentation and categorization, campaign management, and data cleaning automation to improve demand planning performance.

Inventory planning

One of the world’s most accurate methods for optimizing stock levels and reducing working capital. Allowing companies to right-size inventory value based on financial impact and desired service level. Sophisticated analysis tools and features like economic stock optimization, stocking strategy, and stock controlling.

Supply planning

The modules address the critical tasks of balancing assets (capacity, materials, and resources) with future demand. Planners can determine how to best meet the demand given the available assets, production, suppliers, distribution network, and business policies. Features like supply forecast, MRP simulation/network, and capacity balancing.

Financial forecasting

Connect forecast directly to financials. Create and manage accurate financial forecasts using many data sources like historical financial data, demand forecasts, and supply plans. Also, the module’s simulation capabilities can determine the impact of decisions, making it a valuable tool for budgeting.

Scenario planning

Simulate the impact of various scenarios on the supply chain while assessing the risks and opportunities related to business strategies with this module. Companies can develop contingency plans for unexpected events and create scenarios to understand changes and respond effectively.

Control tower

The control tower module combines data from all planning modules into a complete KPI and management reporting overview that enables customers to analyze and effectively manage supply chain operations in real-time.

Sustainable supply chain planning

Conduct environment-friendly operations and improve their sustainability performance through features like carbon emission optimization, identifying sustainability initiatives, and making it operational in your planning.

Benefits of PERITO IBP

Businesses can experience multiple benefits by using PERITO IBP. What are these benefits? Let’s find out.

Concurrent planning

Concurrent planning allows the ability to handle multiple steps in the supply chain simultaneously. Decisions can be made in real-time as one planning decision immediately affects subsequent steps, enabling a more flexible and responsive approach.

Improved demand forecasting

Advanced machine learning algorithms generate accurate and timely demand forecasts, allowing businesses to understand customer demand and plan production activities accordingly.

Optimized supply planning

PERITO IBP considers factors like demand, inventory levels, production capacity, and others to optimize supply planning, resulting in adequate production and lowered costs.

Improved visibility and collaboration

A single integrated view of supply chain operations fosters effective inter-departmental coordination, identifies bottlenecks and constraints, and achieves the desired results.

Agile operations

PERITO IBP provides companies with the tools to manage unexpected changes, trends, market fluctuations and others. In this way, businesses become more resilient and agile.

Increased profitability

An optimized supply chain leads to increased profitability, reduced costs, minimized waste and improved customer service.


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