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Manufacturing companies often face complex situations where they must balance assets with future demands. Additional investment and hiring more workers are not a feasible solution every time. Planners must find ways to meet market demands with the available resources, equipment, production, and distribution network along with business policies.

The supply planning module helps companies optimize profits and margins while meeting demand challenges. With optimized supply planning, reduced costs, improved agility, and resilience, your business will be able to compete at the global level.

Key features of supply planning module

The supply planning module has numerous features. The key features are as follows.

Supply forecast

Convert the demand forecast into a supply forecast and balance the supply facing dimensions to meet future demand.

Capacity balancing

Adjust production/supply plans according to capacity and purchasing.

MRP Simulation

Calculate production orders and purchase requisitions before entering the information into the ERP system.

Supplier Total Cost

Identify and quantify all the expenses related to managing supplier relationships.


Break down the overall supply forecast and provide a detailed view while considering various supply networks and production bills of materials (BOMs).

Financial impact

Determine the financial impact on stock and service levels along with capacity demand for differing durations.

Economic Order Quantity

Evaluate if you can reduce order quantities without additional costs.

Load Optimization

Integrate ERP system with the economic stock optimization module to arrange cargo effectively.

Final production and purchase plan

Analyze the impact of changes to production and purchasing plans on the overall demand plan.

Benefits of supply planning module

Quick and accurate supply forecast

Quick and accurate forecasts with analytics and ML algorithms allow planners to focus on more strategic tasks.

See the consequences before committing to the ERP

The powerful simulation engine allows you to see the consequences of planning decisions and correct issues before they are entered into the ERP system.

Reduced costs

Reduce costs by optimizing inventory, reducing, and boosting production efficiency and other ways.

Increased profitability

Improved supply chain efficiency and cost reduction can help businesses increase their profitability.

Sustainability initiatives

Optimized transportation routes and inventory levels lead to reduced waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions.


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