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Customized excellence in life sciences supply chain management

Optimizing life sciences supply chains for quality, compliance, and efficiency enhancement

Life sciences products like medicines, vaccines, and biochemical reagents must adhere to high production, storage, shipping, and delivery standards. Roima Intelligence’s custom supply-chain management services for life sciences can design a collaborative, scalable blueprint to ensure regulatory compliance and enhanced customer experience.

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Manufacturing execution system (MES)

Enhance manufacturing efficiency, quality, and compliance via optimized process management.

Supply chain visibility

Gain complete end-to-end supply chain visibility for efficient operations and deliveries.

Quality management solution

Enhance product quality through comprehensive management and regulation compliance.

Regulatory compliance assurance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, safeguarding product legality.

Product traceability and serialization

Create robust traceability for supply chain integrity and recall readiness.

Integrated business planning (IBP)

Sync forecasting, production, and inventory for optimized operations and decisions.

AI-driven quality enhancement

Use AI and machine vision for automated quality control and efficiency.

Document lifecycle management

Manage product, process, compliance docs for accessibility, version control, organization.

Products and solutions

AI and Machine Vision

AI and Machine Vision revolutionize production and decision-making, automating tasks, reducing errors, and offering insights for improved business performance.


Roima is an endorsed AVEVA system integrator, providing expertise and quality control for AVEVA industrial software.

FidaWare WMS

Powerful SaaS tool for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.


A complete Integrated Business Planning package designed to help you navigate rapid changes in your business and profitably manage your supply chain

Roima APS

Optimize manufacturing with real-time monitoring, demand forecasting, and efficient resource allocation for leaner production and improved supply chain coordination.


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