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With a focus on hospital logistics, Roima Intelligence’s offerings encompass efficient management of central warehouses, streamlined distribution, and repository services, and the implementation of warehouse automation technologies. Drawing from Roima’s experience in managing cold chains and securing the necessary licenses, we’re dedicated to helping you improve your hospital’s operational standards.



Warehouse optimization

Streamline hospital inventory, storage, and order processing for better operational efficiency.

Distribution solutions

Ensure timely and accurate delivery of medical supplies to various hospital departments.

Sterilization management

Track and maintain the cleanliness and readiness of medical equipment and supplies.

Automation integration

Implement automation technologies to enhance warehouse efficiency and reduce manual labor.

Cold chain expertise

Manage temperature-sensitive items with precision, ensuring storage compliance.

Bed logistics

Efficiently manage the allocation and availability of hospital beds for improved patient care.

Regulatory compliance

Navigate complex healthcare regulations and ensure adherence throughout the supply chain.

Licensing support

Help secure necessary licenses to operate within the healthcare industry, ensuring legal compliance.

Products and solutions


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.


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