Retail: B2B and B2C


Future-proof omnichannel strategy to connect customers and channels

Future-proof omnichannel strategy to connect customers and channels

Integrating B2B and B2C retail while offering drop shipments can be challenging. Roima Intelligence’s omnichannel approach provides real-time inventory updates across multiple stores, allowing customers to place online orders. This omnichannel approach results in increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.



Leading B2B ecommerce

Empower manufacturers and distributors for smooth ordering with our B2B solution

Omnichannel mastery

Overcome retail hurdles, gain stock visibility, drop-shipping support with B2B solution

Drop shipping excellence

Enable drop shipping, expand product range without inventory issues with our solution

Real-time stock visibility

Ensure transparent stock data for better purchasing decisions and customer trust

Personalized pricing and promotions

Roima tailors precise pricing, discounts, and promotions for better customer engagement

Logistics and 3PL mastery

Optimize shipping, warehousing, and distribution via Roima’s robust SaaS-based solution

Empowering customer portals

Ensure refined B2B2X e-commerce, B2C/D2C orders, self-service features with Roima solution

Enhanced decision-making

Get real-time product visualization for confident purchasing with 3D CPQ

Products and solutions

Parttrap® ONE

ERP-integrated B2B ecommerce & PIM platform with CPQ and Spare Parts Management for manufacturers and distributors that want to build Customer self-service portals.


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