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Forecast, plan, and profit with an integrated business planning solution

Companies need an integrated solution that aligns planning processes, provides real-time data, and mitigates risks while facilitating data-driven decision-making. Roima’s integrated business planning (IBP) solutions help you achieve the above goals while providing the tools to adapt to market changes and other disruptions, giving you a competitive edge over others.



Better forecasts

Create more accurate forecasts with less overestimation or underestimation.

Reduce working capital

With accurate forecasts, the safety stocks can be smaller while operations are still running smoothly.

Increased productivity

Plan resources to be used effectively and batch production to avoid changeovers.

Enhanced decision-making

Create multiple scenarios to compare plans based on competing business goals and make decisions based on real data.

Enhanced visibility to the supply chain

Improve the collaboration with different departments and partners to make the best decisions and proactively address issues.

Reduced costs and sustainability-focused

Optimize resource use, reduce emissions, and ensure lean production to reduce carbon footprints.

Better workforce planning

Include the workforce in the production planning process to ensure enough skilled labor.

Improved planner efficiency

Let planners focus on value-adding tasks instead of spending time on routine updates.

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A complete Integrated Business Planning package designed to help you navigate rapid changes in your business and profitably manage your supply chain

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a supply chain planning and optimization tool. Roima integrates it into manufacturing and logistics systems for enhanced supply chain management.

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