Process industries


End-to-end efficiency - streamline manufacturing operations

Discover intelligent solutions to revolutionize your factory operations

Embrace Industry 4.0 for sustainable gains. Achieve efficient, high-quality paperless production, addressing process industry challenges. Roima Intelligence offers smart factory solutions, expert guidance, digital transformation, operational excellence, and waste reduction through advanced practices, ensuring success amid evolving trends and complex demands.



Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)

Visualize goals, enhance production plans, and optimize resources for agile manufacturing via APS

Online monitoring and control (HMI / SCADA)

Real-time factory visibility, prudent decisions, and process optimization via HMI/SCADA

Quality and traceability management

Enhance QC, reporting, traceability, and product quality with our management solutions

Master data management (MDM)

Ensure uniform master data for optimal manufacturing with our MDM solutions

Integration, IoT, visualization, reporting, and digital twins

Smooth reporting, data flow, and IoT-based digital twin creation via integrated platform

Asset and workforce performance management (APM)

Use APM to measure, visualize, and improve asset performance for optimal efficiency

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

MES Solution for product scheduling, live monitoring, QC, and closing ERP-shop floor gap

MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management)

Streamline operations with MOM while planning WOMS, QC, and resource management

Products and solutions


Roima is an endorsed AVEVA system integrator, providing expertise and quality control for AVEVA industrial software.

FidaWare WMS

Powerful SaaS tool for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.


A complete Integrated Business Planning package designed to help you navigate rapid changes in your business and profitably manage your supply chain


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